World Food Books' programme is largely produced on Kulin Nation land. We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation as the first and continuing custodians of this land, and pay respect to their Elders past, present, and emerging.

World Food Books is an arts bookshop in Naarm / Melbourne. Founded in 2010, World Food Books is devoted to the presentation of a rotating, hand-selection of international art, design and literary publications with an emphasis on the anti-traditional, the experimental, the avant-garde, the marginal.

Presenting new titles alongside rare and out-of-print books, catalogues and journals spanning the fields of modern and contemporary art, design, popular culture and literature in its many radical forms, World Food Books wishes to encourage active and thoughtful reading, looking, writing, and exchanging of independent publishing, both current and historical.

As well as our bookshop, located in Melbourne's historical Nicholas Building, all of our inventory is available internationally via our online mail-order service.

World Food Books semi-regularly co-ordinates "Occasions", a programme of exhibits and events at the bookshop and in partnership with other hosts (such as museums and art galleries) that develop out of the activities, relationships and content of the bookshop itself.

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Pick-up orders can be collected in our bookshop during opening hours. Please collect any Pick-up orders within 3 weeks of ordering as we have limited storage space. Orders will be released back into stock if not collected within this time.

Return Policy
All sales are final. We do accept returns (for refund, exchange) for items received in error. All our orders are packed with special care using heavy-duty padding and cardboard book-mailers or bubble mailers (for smaller books), using reinforcement where required. We cannot take responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged parcels.

Interested in selling your old books, catalogues, journals, magazines, comics, zines, ephemera? We are always looking for interesting, unusual and out-of-print books to buy. We only buy books in our fields of interest and specialty, and that we feel we can resell.

We base these prices on desirability, market value, in-print prices, condition and our current stock levels. We offer cash, store credit, and can take stock on consignment. All

about 25% of the price we expect to get when we sell them, or 30% in store credit. We base these prices on desirability, market value, in-print prices, condition and our current stock levels.

Sell your books any day of the week. You can drop them off and return later. If you have a lot of books, we can visit your Sydney home.

We buy books that we feel we can resell. We offer about 25 % of the price we expect to get when we sell them, or 30% in store credit. We base these prices on desirability, market value, in-print prices, condition and our current stock levels.


Erik A.Frandsen
Clay AD
Gianni Gamberini & Studio ARDITI
Franklin Aalders
Alvar Aalto
Alver Aalto
Sem Aardewerk
Kaija Aarikka
Eero Aarnio
Jesse Aaron
Anita Aarons
Teatro Abaco
Pio Abad
Magdalena Abakanowicz
Alberto Abate
John Abbate
Pasquale Abbattista
Berenice Abbott
Zarouhie Abdalian
Adel Abdessemed
Ian W. Abdulla
Abdul Abdullah
Ahmed Abdullah
Kaoru Abe
Kozo Abe
Robert Abel
Michele Abeles
Peter Josef Abels
Gertrude Abercrombie
John Abercrombie
Bani Abidi
Marie Abiko
Virgil Abloh
Raimund Abraham
Carl Abrahamsson
Marina Abramovič
Muhal Richard Abrams
Nadja Abt
Tomma Abts
Carla Accardi
Carlo Accardi
Vito Acconci
Lodovico Acerbis
Chris Achilleos
Friedrich Achleitner
Ethnic Acid
Kathy Acker
Rita Ackerman
Franz Ackermann
Haider Ackermann
Peter Ackermann
Rita Ackermann
niv Acosta
Walerio Adami
Alice Adams
Dennis Adams
John Adams
Jude Adams
Marina Adams
Neal Adams
Robert Adams
Ruth Adams
Hans Peter Adamski
Horst Ademeit
Bas Jan Ader
Isabelle Adjani
Etel Adnan
The Adolescents
Dennis Adrian
Marc Adrian
Miguel Adrover
Sade Adu
Roy Adzak
Georges Adéagbo
Group Affinity
Saâdane Afif
Yaacov Agam
Eileen Agar
Yuji Agematsu
Laboratoire Agit-Art
Vincenzo Agnetti
Tito Agnoli
Tito Agnoti
Peter Agostini
Sergi Aguilar
Catherine Ahearn
Charlie Ahearn
John Ahearn
David Ahern
Amanda Ahmed
Haseeb Ahmed
Nabil Ahmed
Taslima Ahmed
Eija-Liisa Ahtila
Peggy Ahwesh
Franco Aibini
Otl Aicher
Takefumi Aida
Yusuke Aida
Rosa Aiello
Gilles Aillaud
Gregory Ain
Essendon Airport
Guy Aitchison
Doug Aitken
Stephanie Aitken
Giuseppe Ajmone
Genpei Akasegawa
G. Akechi
Chantal Akerman
Kasper Akhøj
Atif Akin
Shōtarō Akiyama
John Akomfrah
Vladimir Akulinin
Keith Al-Hasani
Sofia Al-Maria
Sophia Al-Maria
Azzadine Alaia
Titti Albenzio
Anni Albers
Josef Albers
Tony Albert
Franco Albini
Walter Albini
Ivan Albright
Volker Albus
Studio Alchimia
Studio Alchymia
John Alderson
Ramsay Alderson
Richard Aldrich
Robert Aldrich
Alan Aldridge
Pierre Alechinsky
Jan Jaromir Aleksiun
Carlo Alessi
Doug Alexander
Peter Alexander
Robert E. Alexander
Claude Alexandre
Jacques Alexandre
Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili
Kristen Alfaro
Henni Alftan
Mitchell Algus
Laylah Ali
Rashied Ali
My Cat Is An Alien
April Dawn Alison
Morehshin Allahyari
Micky Allan
Daevid Allen
Davida Allen
Greg Allen
Irwin Allen
Jim Allen
Laura Allen
Liz Allen
Marjory Allen
Marshall Allen
Micky Allen
Terry Allen
Woody Allen
Brad Allen-Waters
Edmund Alleyn
G.G. Allin
GG Allin
Genevieve Allison
Brooke Ally
Helena Almeida
Leroy Almon
Darren Almond
Cor Alons
Catherine Riberio + Alpes
Emil Alsbo
Basma Alsharif
Can Altay
Gerhard Altenbourg
Diminik Alterio
Pawel Althamer
Paweł Althamer
Ernie Althoff
Kai Althoff
Özlem Altin
Natan Altman
Robert Altman
Nathan Altmann
David Altmejd
Kristen Alvanson
Carlos Alvarado
Manuel Alvarez-Bravo
Getulio Alviani
Anicée Alvina
Francis Alÿs
Maryanne Amacher
Silvio Amadio
Tetsuo Amano
Yoshitaka Amano
Oren Ambarchi
Emilio Ambasz
Stefan Ambrozus
Consuelo González Amezcua
Cuno Amiet
Amon Düül 2
Clan Analogue
William Anastasi
El Anatsui
Eric Andersen
Gunnar Aagaard Andersen
Allan and Barbara Anderson
Beth Anderson
Ken Anderson
Laurie Anderson
Lindsay Anderson
Mitchell Anderson
Ruth Anderson
Sam Anderson
William Anderson
Tadao Ando
Craige Andrae
Carl Andre
Brook Andrew
George Andrews
Gordon Andrews
Justin Andrews
Kathryn Andrews
Michelle Andringa
Adeline André
Andy Hope 1930
Jaroslav Anděl
Marie Angeletti
Franco Angeli
Primo Angeli
Andreas Angelidakis
Aaron Angell
Kenneth Anger
Sarah Angliss
McKie Angus
Manisha Anjali
Margit Anna
Douglas Annand
Yuri Annenkov
Yurii Annenkov
Richard J. Anobile
Akua-Adiki Anokye
Giovanni Anselmo
Hans Ansems
Adam Ant
Sandra Antal
Horst Antes
Dave Anthony
Spencer Anthony
David Antin
Eleanor Antin
Stephen Antonakos
Laura Antonelli
Janine Antoni
José Antonio
Michelangelo Antonioni
Leonor Antunes
Antwerp 6
Richard Anuszkiewicz
Shigeo Anzai
Ian Anüll
Kiyoshi Aoki
Shoichi Aoki
BAPE (A Bathing Ape)
Polly Apfelbaum
Karel Appel
Billy Apple
Jackie Apple
Ida Applebroog
Silver Apples
Clemens Apprich
Negative Approach
Declan Apuatimi
Ron Arad
Rasheed Araeen
Koji Arai
Sonoko Arai
Ei Arakawa
Shusaku Arakawa
Nobuyoshi Araki
Uri Aran
Julieta Aranda
Vasco Araújo
Amy Arbus
Diane Arbus
Penny Arcade
Cory Arcangel
Alexander Archipenko
David Chipperfield Architects
Masayuki Kurokawa Architects
Mos Architects
Other Architects
Yuusuke Karasawa Architects
Forensic Architecture
Sibling Architecture
Studio Architetti
Asia Art Archive
Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Francesco Arena
Walter Arensberg
Claudio Argento
Dario Argento
Athanasios Argianas
Alain Arias-Misson
Rodolfo Aricò
Mitsugi Arima
Roberto Arioli
Marshall Arisman
Marcela Pardo Ariza
Zak Ark
Hoawrd Arkley
Howard Arkley
Siah Armajani
Fareed Armaly
Fareed Armalys
Giorgio Armani
Hany Armanious
John Armleder
Benjamin Armstrong
Bruce Armstrong
David Armstrong
Gill Armstrong
Gillian Armstrong
John Armstrong
André-Pierre Arnal
Timo Arnall
Keith Arnatt
Alfred Arndt
Gertrud Arndt
Malin Arnell
Robert Arneson
Line Arngaard
Karl Arnold
Martin Arnold
Chuck Arnoldi
Françoise Arnoul
Gerd Arntz
Darren Aronofsky
Jean Arp (Hans Arp)
Dan Arps
Paleari Arredamenti
Marwa Arsanios
Rasheed Arseen
Art Club 2000
Day Without Art
Anna Artaker
Antonin Artaud
Fontana Arte
Eduard Artemiev
Bruce Arthur
Francisco Artigas
Artist Placement Group
Gilbert Artman
H. C. Artmann
Richard Artschwager
M/L Artspace
Korakrit Arunanondchai
Carlos Martí Arís
Katsumi Asaba
Shinpei Asai
Yashiru Asano
Yūko Asano
Ruth Asawa
Marc Asekhame
Gottschalk + Ash
Jesse Ash
Onyx Ashanti
Hal Ashby
Steve Ashby
Michael Asher
Oreet Ashery
Doug Ashford
Satoshi Ashikawa
Michael Ashkin
Robert Ashley
Elena Asins
David Askevold
John Aslanidis
Saburo Aso
David Aspden
Erik Gunnar Asplund
Saul Bass and Associates
Sottsass Associates
Vignelli Associates
Archizoom Associati
Ned Asta
Sergio Asti
Virginia Astley
Kutlug Ataman
Atelier 5
Atelje 212
Eugene Atget
Anna Atkins
Ed Atkins
Juan Atkins
Conrad Atkinson
Dave Atkinson
Terry Atkinson
The Atlas Group
Ayé Aton
Gábor Attalai
Marc Attali
Kader Attia
Dotty Attie
Thomas Attridge
Margaret Atwood
Samuel Atyeo
Tonico Lemos Auad
Bernard Aubertin
Carl Auböck
Michel Auder
Yvonne Audette
Frank Auerbach
Tauba Auerbach
Sven Augustijnen
Gae Aulenti
Julie Ault
Tina Aumont
Carlos Aured
Anette Aurell
Mary Aurory
Rushton Aust
Nick Austin
Paul Austin
Elissa Auther
Michel Au­d­er
Richard Avedon
Lesbian Avengers
Charles Avery
Milton Avery
Ana Maria Avram
Hiroshi Awatsuji
Kiyoshi Awazu
Alice Aycock
Kevin Ayers
Albert Ayler
Belkis Ayón
Ronaldo Azeredo
Takamitzu Azuma


Helmut Baar
Johannes Theodor Baargeld
Ralph Baccera
Edmondo Bacci
Ralph Bacerra
Elvira Bach
Bele Bachem
Lutz Bacher
Ann-Sofie Back
Robyn Backen
Max Backmann
Fia Backström
Francis Bacon
Wally Badarou
Mowry Baden
Darren Bader
Donald Baechler
Freddie Baer
Jo Baer
Monika Baer
Steve Baer
Rachel Baes
Joan Baez
Alex Bag
Trisha Baga
Nairy Baghramian
Marco Bagnoli
Paul Bai
Nicos Baikas
Clayton Bailey
Dave Hullfish Bailey
David Bailey
Derek Bailey
Sean Bailey
Stuart Bailey
Bruce Baillie
Richard Baim
David Bainbridge
Robert Baines
Daniel G. Baird
Enrico Baj
Darja Bajagic
Darja Bajagić
Kara Baker
Rick Baker
Teresa Baker
Vojin Bakic´
Douwe Jan Bakker
Gijs Bakker
Ralph Bakshi
Léon Bakst
Pierre Bal-Blanc
Zbyněk Baladrán
John Balance
Sonia Balassanian
Anthony Balch
Ronald Balden
John Baldessari
Luciano Baldessari
George Baldessin
Lanfranco Baldi
Steven Baldi
Marie Cool Fabio Balducci
Billy Baldwin
Michael Baldwin
Olga Balema
Cristobal Balenciaga
Miroslaw Balka
Amy Balkin
Barry X Ball
Hugo Ball
Iain Ball
Syd Ball
Sydney Ball
Giacomo Balla
Brandon Ballengée
Theo Ballmer
Walter Ballmer
Pierre Balmain
Jonas Balsaitis
Ralph Balson
Alvin Baltrop
Lewis Baltz
Bambanani Women’s Group
Stephen Bambury
Charles Band
Far East Family Band
Nihilist Spasm Band
No Neck Blues Band
The Nihilist Spasm Band
Third Ear Band
Joachim Bandau
Andreas Banderas
Ros Bandt
Thomas Bang
Walter Bangerter
Reyner Banham
Darren Banks
Robert Banks
Walter Darby Bannard
Jon Bannenberg
Fiona Banner
Siouxsie and The Banshees
Charlotte Bara
William Barak
Bashir Baraki
Rosa Barba
Andrew Barber
Bruce Barber
John Barbour
Miquel Barcelo
Lina Bo Bardi
Brigitte Bardot
Alisa Baremboym
Jurga Barilaitė
Jared Bark
John Barker
Noah Barker
Ernst Barlach
Kirk Barley
Phyllida Barlow
Edward L. Barnes
Matthew Barney
Tina Barney
Roberto Barni
Blake Barns
Francesco Barocco
Ronald Baron
George Barr
Jerry Barr
Ana Barrado
Luis Barragán
Daniel Barreau
Jeremy Barrett
Liv Barrett
Olivia Barrett
Syd Barrett
Artur Barrio
Susan Barrow
Chris Barry
Judith Barry
Robert Barry
John Barryman
Suzannah Barta
Yael Bartana
Uta Barth
Frederick Barthelme
Rick Barthelme
Aram Bartholl
Geoffrey Bartlett
Jennifer Bartlett
John Bartlett
Morton Bartlett
Scott Bartlett
Victoria Bartlett
Eva Barto
Lil Palser Barto
Carlo Bartoli
Dario Bartolini
Lucia Bartolini
Ubaldo Bartolini
Francesco Bartolozzi
Del Kathryn Barton
Jennifer Barwell
Afro Basaldella
Peter Basch
Georg Baselitz
Leonard Baskin
Jean-Michel Basquiat
Math Bass
Saul Bass
Giampiero and Giovanni Bassi
Giampiero e Giovanni Bassi
Sofía Bassi
Mari Bastashevski
Jean-Louis Bastid
Eduardo Batarda
David Batchelor
Joy Batchelor
Harry Bates
Martyn Bates
Gregory Battcock
Eugen Batz
Lila Batzen
Eric Baudelaire
Jean Baudrillard
Frank Bauer
Josef Bauer
Karlheinz Bauer
Mary Bauermeister
Gerd Baukhage
Erica Baum
Felix A. Baumann
Peter Baumann
Willi Baumeister
Lukas Baumewerd
Bodo Baumgarten
Lothar Baumgarten
Alessandro Bava
Lamberto Bava
Geoffrey Baxter
Iain Baxter
Ingrid Baxter
Nathalie Baye
Herbert Bayer
Stephen Bayley
Ed Baynard
Thomas Bayrle
Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz)
Jean Bazaine
William Baziotes
Franco Bazzani
Mirosław Bałka
Dimitrije Bašičević
Bosilj Ilija (Ilija Bašičević)
David Beal
Jack Beal
Justin Beal
Lester Beall
L.L. Bean
Susan S. Bean
Peter Beard
Aubrey Beardsley
Art Bears
Becky Beasley
Kevin Beasley
The Beatles
Cecil Beaton
Maria Beatty
Breda Beban
Jacqueline Bebb
Alessandro Becchi
Nils Bech
Bernd and Hilla Becher
Bernhard & Hilla Becher
Sidney Bechet
Robert Bechtle
Gottfried Bechtold
Lisa Beck
Martin Beck
Rudolf Beck
Stephen Beck
Julie Becker
Anouk Beckers
Welton Becket
James Beckett
Samuel Beckett
Bill Beckley
Ericka Beckman
Max Beckmann
Patterson Beckwith
Whitney Bedford
Martine Bedin
Simon Bedwell
Lucy Beech
Chris Beecroft
Vanessa Beecroft
Captain Beefheart
Anna Beeke
Anthon Beeke
Max Beerbohm
Miriam Beerman
Nina Beier
Zdzisław Beksiński
Alan Belcher
Zoran Belic
Dan Bell
Eric Bell
Gavin Bell
Jeannie Keefer Bell
Larry Bell
Richard Bell
Vanessa Bell
Michael Bell-Smith
Bartolomeo Bellano
Lisa Bellear
Giovanni Bellini
Mario Bellini
Ray Bellisario
Hans Bellmann
Hans Bellmer
Marco Bellocchio
E. J. Bellocq
Carlo Belloli
Anrea Bellosi
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Rebecca Belmore
Brian Belott
Giandomenico Belotti
Neïl Beloufa
Jordan Belson
Felix Beltran
Erick Beltrán
Günter Beltzig
Zadok Ben-David
Barbara Benary
Laetitia Benat
Raffael Benazzi
Gretchen Bender
John Bender
Gretchen Bendes
Frank Bendinelli
Kazimierz Bendkowski
Marissa Lee Benedict
Will Benedict
Giacomo Benevelli
Guy Benfield
Alfie Benge
Lynda Benglis
Cecilia Bengolea
Billy Al Bengston
Scott Benisiinaabandan
Kichinosuke Benitani
Matthew Benjamin
Walter Benjamin
Meriem Bennani
Gordon Bennett
Graham Bennett
Ward Bennett
Karen Bennicke
James Benning
Sadie Benning
Han Bennink
Max Bense
Frank Benson
Mirella Bentivoglio
Peter Bentley
Robert Benton
Keupr/van Bentum
Margaret Benyon
Ryszard Ber
Jen Berean
Pat Foster & Jen Berean
Amanda Berenguer
Bruce Beresford
Steve Beresford
Maks Bereski-Plakiat
Jerzy Bereś
André Berg
Jim Berg
Lene Berg
Anna-Sophie Berger
Norbert Berghof
Jaap Berghuis
Ingmar Bergman
Josl Bergner
Marcus Bergner
Aldo Bergolli
Gerry Bergstein
Caroline Bergvall
Luciano Berio
Lauren Berkowitz
Franco Berlanda
Luis García Berlanga
Henryk Berlewi
Umlaut Berlin
Robert Berlind
Ben Berlow
Wallace Berman
Adolfo Bernal
Sergio Bernandes
Bruce Bernard
Suzanne Bernard
Walter Bernard
Iria Bernardini
Patrick Bernatchez
Judith Bernstein
Richard Bernstein
Gilles Berquet
Hicham Berrada
Miguel Berrocal
Miguel Ortiz Berrocal
Mei-mei Berssenbrugge
Beau Bertens
Marc Berthier
René Bertholo
Vinicio Berti
Juliet Berto
Carlo Bertocci
Harry Bertoia
Damiano Bertoli
Giasco Bertoli
Veniero Bertolotti
Bernardo Bertolucci
Germaine Berton
Christina Bertoni
Ugo Bertotti
Hannah Bertram
Jean-Pierre Bertrand
Raymond Bertrand
Jeff Berwick
Berwick Street Film Collective
Hubert Besacier
Burkhard Beschow
Walead Beshty
Forrest Bess
Franco Bettonica
Michael Beutler
Joseph Beuys
Tony Bevan
Nicholas Bewick
Jurgen Bey
Kate Beynon
Roger Bezombes
Annette Bezor
Huma Bhabha
Zarina Bhimji
Andrea Bianchi
MB (Maurizio Bianchi)
Guido Biasi
Marco Biassoni
Gerry Bibby
Michael Biberstein
Ashley Bickerton
Giancarlo Bicocchi
Mike Bidlo
Emil Biemann
Ursula Biemann
Aenne Biermann
Doug Biggert
Nella Themelios & Ricarda Bigolin
Ricarda Bigolin
Peter Biihlmann
Guillaume Bijl
Dirk Bikkembergs
Enki Bilal
Gene Bilbrew
Max Bill
Ola Billgren
Johanna Billing
Vanessa Billy
Asher Bilu
Lapo Binazzi
Justin G. Binek
Jonathan Binet
Xu Bing
Tomaso Binga
Vivienne Binns
Vincent Bioulès
Jesse Birch
Rudolf Bircher
Alexandra Bircken
Cass Bird
Terri Bird
Derek Birdsall
JEB (Joan E. Biren)
Paul Birkbeck
Jane Birkin
Daniel Birnbaum
Dara Birnbaum
Howard Birnstihl
Renato Birolli
Hans Bischoffshausen
Rossella Biscotti
Gorilla Biscuits
Kat Bish
Claire Bishop
Robert Bishop
Steve Bishop
Terry Bishop
Tony Bishop
Silvio Bisio
Julien Bismuth
Pierre Bismuth
Stephen R. Bissette
Roger Bissière
Sue Bitney
Galina Georgievna Bitt
Iva Bittová
Vilhelm Bjerke-Petersen
Black Audio Film Collective
Hannah Black
Karla Black
Bruce Blackburn
Mary Walling Blackburn
Charles Blackman
James White and The Blacks
Tom Blackwell
Tyler Blackwell
Ronald Bladen
Manolo Blahnik
Nell Blaine
Dike Blair
Nayland Blake
Peter Blake
Teresa Blake
Tim Blake
William Blake
Les Blakebrough
Judy Blame
Zach Blas
Karl Oskar Blase
Oskar Blase
Werner Blaser
Klaus Blasquiz
Bill Blass
Camille Blatrix
Robin Blau
Daytona Bleach
R. O. Blechman
R.O. Blechman
Robert O. Blechman
Ross Bleckner
Controlled Bleeding
Peter Blegvad
Guy Bleus
Carla Bley
Paul Bley
Ragna Bley
Thomas Bley
Juliette Blightman
Lauren Bliss
Mieke Blitz
The New Blockaders
Hugo Blomley
Anuschka Blommers
Barbara Bloom
Karl Blossfeldt
Vern Blosum
Robert Blue
Bernhard Johannes Blume
Joseph Blumenthal
Nicola Blumenthal
Andrea Blundell
JB Blunk
Dean Blunt
Robert Bly
Baker Rothschild Horn Blyth
Art Bob
Roche e Bobois
Delia Boccardo
Umberto Boccioni
Mel Bochner
John Bock
Katinka Bock
Didier Bocquet
Dan Bodan
Arnold Bode
François Bodin
Floriano Bodini
Walter Bodmer
Body by Body
The Body Group
Vaughn Bodē
Cini Boeri
Alighiero Boetti
Marinus Boezem
Roberta Boffo
Dirk Bogarde
Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė
Bogdan Bogdanovic
Antonio Boggeri
Theodor Bogler
Osvaldo Mateo Boglione
Eric Bogosian
Henning Bohl
Claus Bohmler
Blythe Bohnen
Raymond Boisjoly
Francois Boisrond
Paul Boissevain
Zoran Bojovic
Hannes Bok
Marc Bolan
Jennifer Bolande
Hawkins Bolden
as well as Bernard Boles
Bill Bollinger
Christian Boltanski
Michael Bolus
Harnden & Bombelli
Lanfranco Bombelli
Mark Le Bon
Enrico D. Bona
Melanie Bonaj
Victor Bonato
Peter Bonde
Claus Bonderup
Lorenzo Bonechi
Antonio Bonet
Pep Bonet
Rodolfo Bonetto
Jorge Bonino
Ecke Bonk
Keiko Bonk
Pierre Bonnard
Juliette Bonneviot
Gerard Bonnier
Robert Bononno
Lee Bontecou
Massimo Bontempelli
Monica Bonvicini
Oscar Bony
RP Boo
Xandra Ibarra / La Chica Boom
John Boorman
Walter Boos
Andy Boot
Peter Booth
Susie (Napaltjarri) Bootja Bootja
Bob Bopani
Dineo Seshee Bopape
Vane Bor
Antoni Boratyński
Achim Borchardt-Hume
Lizzie Borden
Gregg Bordowitz
Rocco Borella
Olli Borg
Tine Borg
Polly Borland
Eli Bornstein
Jennifer Bornstein
Marguerita Bornstein
Jonathan Borofsky
Walérian Borowczyk
Wieslaw Borowski
Osvaldo Borsani
Mark Borthwick
Cécile Bortoletti
Jean-Louis Bory
Alfonse Borysewicz
Ben Bos
Hieronymus Bosch
Lillian Bosch
Hilary Boscott
Derek Boshier
Paul Boston
Christian Botanski
Fernando Botero
Katt Both
Rudolf Bott
Mario Botta
Katherine Botten
Adriana Botti
Rob Bottin
Fay Bottrell
Edouard Boubat
François Boucher
Pierre Boucher
Mike Bouchet
Pauline Boudry
Lizzi Bougatsos
Pierre Boulez
Etienne Louis Boullée
Charles Boultenhouse
Carole Bouquet
Louise Bourbon
Jacques Bourboulon
Guy Bourdin
Zlatko Bourek
Jean-Pierre Bourgeois
Louise Bourgeois
Vincent Bécheau and Marie-Laure Bourgeois
Leda Bourgogne
Mohamed Bourouissa
Thomas Boutoux
Francis Bouvet
Carol Bove
François Bovier
Ian Bow
Atelier Bow-Wow
Andrea Bowers
Leigh Bowery
David Bowie
Lester Bowie
Frank Bowling
Martin Boyce
Adam Boyd
Ann Boyd
Arthur Boyd
David Boyd
Mary Boyd
Patricia L. Boyd
Robin Boyd
Michel Boyer
Mark Boyle
Robert Boynes
Dead Boys
Bruno Bozzetto
Hynek Bočan
Eric Braagaard
Ian Bracegirdle
John Brack
Jaroslav Bradac
Mark Bradford
Joe Bradley
Peter Bradley
David Bradshaw
Gillian Bradshaw-Smith
Edgard Braga
May Brahe
Anouar Brahem
Kevin Braheny
Elena Braida
Robert Brain
Joe Brainard
Bad Brains
Stan Brakhage
Stephen Bram
Glenn Branca
Constantin Brancusi
Bettina Brand
Max Brand
Stewart Brand
Herbert Brandl
Arno Brandlhuber
Bill Brandt
Marianne Brandt
Matthew Brannon
Veronique Branquinho
Andrea Branzi
Nicoletta Branzi
Georges Braque
Joan Brassil
Geta Bratescu
Pieter Brattinga
Björn Braun
Dorothy Braund
Victor Brauner
Sigrid Braunfels-Esche
Sascha Braunig
Troy Brauntuch
Claudio Bravo
Lola Álvarez Bravo
Anthony Braxton
Jiri Brdecka
Ian Breakwell
George Brecht
Robert Breer
K. P. Brehmer
Gisela Breitling
Walter Breker
Heinz Breloh
Claus Bremer
Alexander Brener
Angela Brennan
Christopher Mark Brennan
Janet Brereton
Kevin Brereton
Karen Breschi
Italo Bressan
Robert Bresson
Mathilde Bretillot
Marcel Breuer
Marcel Lajos Breuer
Wolfgang Breuer
Willem Breuker
Olaf Breuning
Ricardo Brey
Jean-Claude Brialy
Irene Briant
Emmy Bridgwater
Sandra Bridie
James Bridle
Roger Brielle
Louis Brigante
Deborah Bright
Greg Bright
Francesco Brigida
Serge Brignoni
Jason Brinkerhof
Brisbane Womens Theatre Group
Stuart Brisley
Alison Britton
Paul and Gaëtan Brizzi
Rodney Broad
Bazon Brock
Alexey Brodovitch
Jürgen Brodwolf
Neville Brody
Horace Brodzky
Stig Broegger
Marlo Broekmans
AA Bronson
Pablo Bronstein
Hannah Brontë
Marcel Broodthaers
Kaucyila Brooke
Lou Brooks
Mel Brooks
Adam Broomberg
Philip Brophy
Haas Brothers
Marx Brothers
Schwarz Brothers
Skladanowsky Brothers
Marcus Brotsch
James Broughton
Owen Broughton
Joanna Brouk
Arlette Brouwers
Stanley Brouwn
Azby Brown
Bobby Brown
Carolyn Brown
Cecily Brown
Denise Scott Brown
Earle Brown
Gavin Brown
James Brown
Joseph Brown
Marion Brown
Matthew Brown
Mike Brown
Robert Carlton Brown
Robert Delford Brown
Tony Brown
Trevor Brown
Trevor Turbo Brown
Trisha Brown
Julie Brown-Rrap
Andrew Browne
Sarah Browne
Robert Brownjohn
Neil Brownsword
Pieter Bruegel
Bill Bruford
Tania Bruguera
Heinrich Brummack
Donald Brun
Dick Bruna
Giovanni Brunazzi
Bruno Brunetti
Maxime Brunfaut
Bruno Bruni
Horst Bruning
Nicola Brunnhuber
Christophe Brunnquell
Giordano Bruno
Günter Brus
Wojciech Bruszewski
Julia Bryan-Wilson
Linda Goode Bryant
Richard Bryant
Gavin Bryars
Jaroslava Brychtova
Camille Bryen
Rut Bryk
Archie Bryon
Agnieszka Brzeżańska
Tadeusz Brzozowski
Constantin Brâncuși
Kerstin Brätsch
Peter Brötzmann
Paul Brühwiler
Peter Brüning
Barney Bubbles
Violeta Bubelytė
Branko Bubenik
Gernot Bubenik
Beverly Buchanan
Ruth Buchanan
Ruth Buchannan
Carl Bucher
Heidi Bucher
Carl Buchheister
Erich Buchholz
Sabeth Buchmann
Wolfgang Buchner
Alan Buchsbaum
Matthew Buckingham
Boris Budan
Harold Budd
Boris Buden
Ama Josephine Budge
Dora Budor
Raf Buedts
Bernard Buffet
Carlo Bugatti
Connor Bugelli
Peter Buggenhout
Benedetto Buglione
Jagoda Buic
Jessica Buie
Lee Bul
Erik Bulatov
Hank Bull
Jessie Bullivant
Angela Bulloch
Marie Bume
Burt Bunger
Rupert Bunny
Andreas Bunte
Heath Bunting
Lui Bunuel
G.J. Burchall
Charles Burchfield
Janet Burchill
Jacob Burckhardt
Chris Burden
Pavel Burdukov
Daniel Buren
Daniël Buren
Teresa Burga
Greg Burgess
Elijah Burgher
Victor Burgin
Donald Burgy
Katarina Burin
Marie José Burki
David Burlik
David Burliuk
Vladimir Burliuk
Ian Burn
Edward Burne-Jones
Jack Burnham
AK Burns
Andrew Burns
Charles Burns
Peter Burns
Tim Burns
Richard Burnside
Tom Burr
Edward Burra
Alberto Burri
William Burroughs
William S. Burroughs
Lauren Burrow
John Bursill
Tim Burstall
Cliff Burt
Warren Burt
Will Burtin
Gary Burton
Jane Burton
Johanna Burton
Scott Burton
Claus Bury
Pol Bury
Francis Busby
Harry Bush
Jack Bush
Kushana Bush
Sylvano Bussotti
Jean-Marc Bustamante
Mary Ellen Bute
Bohdan Butenko
Michael Buthe
Michaël Buthe
Remo Buti
Connie Butler
Michel Butor
Vicente Butron
Vincente Butron
Kathy Butterly
Jörg Buttgereit
Luis Buñuel
James Lee Byars
Ted Byfield
Arini Byng
Taylor Ho Bynum
David Byrne
Gerard Byrne
John Byrne
Silvia Bächli
Gábor Bódy
Arnold Böcklin
Claus Böhmler
Peter Bömmels
Lorenza Böttner
Pavel Büchler
Paul Bühlmann
Werner Bünck
Milena Büsch
Andrea Büttner
Werner Büttner
Wojciech Bąkowski


Dead C
Bruce Russell (Dead C)
Giulietto Cacciari
Enzo Cacciola
Muhanned Cader
André Cadere
Geneviève Cadieux
John Cage
Xenia Cage
Beppe Caggi
Corrado Cagli
François Cahen
Miriam Cahn
Claude Cahun
Mario Caiano
Gustave Caillebotte
Mitch Cairns
Charles Cajori
The Sea and Cake
Santiago Calatrava
Primitive Calcultors
lisa Caldana
Waltercio Caldas
Alexander Calder
Antonio Calderara
Carlo Caldini
Graham Caldwell
John Cale
Antonio Calenda
Sol Calero
Maurice Calka
Peter Callas
Sophie Calle
Jacques Callot
Aldo Calo
Blanca Calparsoro
Armando Calvelli
Brian Calvin
Allora & Calzadilla
Pier Paolo Calzolari
Pierpaolo Calzolari
Giorgio Andreotta Calò
Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho
Enzo Camacho
Jorge Camacho
Amy Lien and Enzo Camachof
Sérgio Camargo
James Cameron
Marjorie Cameron
Elaine Cameron-Weir
Gianfredo Camesi
Pia Camil
Sergio Cammilli
Luis Camnitzer
Domenico Campagnola
Luigi Campanelli
Joan Campbell
Jon Campbell
Tyson Campbell
Heinrich Campendonck
Jane Campion
Bonnie Camplin
Enrico Camporesi
Peter Campus
Giuseppe Campuzano
Marcel Camus
Carlos Maria Trindale / Nuno Canavarro
Angelo Candalepas
Georges Candillis
Rare Candy
Louis Cane
Nina Canell
Achilli Brigidini Canella
Angelo Canevari
Martine Canneel
Triple Canopy
Ellen Cantor
Lou Cantor
Group Cap
Bruno Capacci
Giuseppe Capogrossi
Truman Capote
Giulio Cappellini
Carmelo Cappello
Luigi Capriolo
Roberto Capucci
Christian Capurro
Ernst Caramelle
Xhol Caravan
Jorge Luis Carballa
Erberto Carboni
Eugene Carchesio
Michel Cardena
Santiago Cardenas
Cornelius Cardew
Stella Cardew
Janet Cardiff
Pierre Cardin
Claudia Cardinale
Jacques Cardon
Tammy Rae Carland
Norman Carlberg
Walter Carlos
Pierre-Ange Carlotti
Cynthia Carlson
Cosimo Carlucci
Michaël Carm
Corrado Carmassi
Eugenio Carmi
Tom Carnase
Graciela Carnevale
Anthony Caro
David Caron
John Carpenter
Merlin Carpenter
David Carr
Tanija and Graham Carr
Ann Carr-Boyd
Annibale Carracci
Leonora Carrington
Ulises Carrión
Lawrence Carroll
Lewis Carroll
Mary Ellen Carroll
Carlo Carrà
Chris Carter
Dorothy Carter
Elliott Carter
Tony Carter
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Wally Caruana
Lisa Crystal Carver
John Casado
José Ramón Larraz Guy Casaril
Cesare Casati
Pietro Cascella
Ginny Casey
Terrance Cashen
Stefania Casini
Felice Casorati
Judy Cassab
A.M. Cassandre
Mary Cassatt
John Cassavetes
Bruno Cassinari
Alfa Castaldi
Muriel Castanis
Gordon Castellane
Enrico Castellani
Anna Castelli
Clino T. Castelli
Luciano Castelli
Achille Castiglione
Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione
Achille Castiglioni
Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
Luisa Castiglioni
Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
Fernando Sánchez Castillo
James Castle
Wendell Castle
Rosemarie Castoro
Lucid Castration
Diego Castro
Jota Castro
Lourdes Castro
Antoine Catala
Muriel Catala
Francois Catroux
Maurizio Cattalan
Enrico Cattaneo
Jon Cattapan
Giorgio Cattelan
Maurizio Cattelan
Annie Cattrell
Beppe Caturelli
David Cauchi
Jane Caught
Osvaldo Cavandoli
Liliana Cavani
Nick Cave
Philippe Caza
Monte Cazazza
Antione Cazé
Julien Ceccaldi
Nicolas Ceccaldi
Carla Ceccariglia
Malcolm Cecil
John Cederquist
Jovan Cekić
Studio Celli-Tognon
Vija Celmins
Saint Clair Cemin
Bato Cengic
Banu Cennetoğlu
Daniel Ceppi
Swid Powell Ceramics
Giorgio Ceretti
Richard Cerf
Angus Cerini
Mario Ceroli
Pierluigi Cerri
Alejandro Cesarco
Paul Cezanne
Theresa Hak Kyung Cha
Agnieszka Chabros
Candida ((Gian Manik and Ricarda Bigolin) in collaboration with Agnieszka Chabros
Grupo Chaclacayo
Helen Chadwick
Lynn Chadwick
Marc Chagall
Cheo Chai-Hiang
François Chaignaud
Marc Camille Chaimowicz
George Chakravarthi
Yves Chaland
Hussein Chalayan
Andrew Chalk
Warren Chalk
Fred Chalmer
Étienne Chambaud
John Chamberlain
Agnes Chan
Carson Chan
Kwok Hoi Chan
Paul Chan
Vincent Chan
Oliver Chanarin
Ian Chandler
Avinash Chandra
Patty Chang
Yuchen Chang
Alice Channer
Michael Chant
Andre Chante
Art Chantry
Jean-Louis Chanéac
Charlie Chaplin
Dinos Chapman
Jake Chapman
Jake and Dinos Chapman
Serge Charchoune
Nicolas Chardon
Pierre Chareau
Emma Charles
Uncle Jack Charles
Sarah Charlesworth
Jacques Charlier
Alan Charlton
Christine Charlton
Animal Charm
Julian Charrière
Iiia Chashnik
Loren Chasse
Alex Chatelain
Rhys Chatham
Colin Cheesman
Andrea Chehade
Michail Chekalin
Amy Cheng
Ian Cheng
Moses Gauntlett Cheng
Xin Cheng
Ron Chereskin
Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
Ivan Chermayeff
Peter Chermayeff
Norman Cherner
Olga Chernysheva
Don Cherry
Herman Cherry
James Cherry
Moki Cherry
David Chesworth
Talia Chetrit
Enoch Cheung
Ferdinand Cheval
Florence Chevallier
Tseng Kwong Chi
Sandro Chia
Giuseppe Chiari
Judy Chicago
the Art Ensemble of Chicago
Tomoyuki Chida
Taro Chiezo
Abe Chihiro
Abigail Child
Holly Childs
Lucinda Childs
Eduardo Chillida
The Chills
Thomas Chimes
Mel Chin
David Chipperfield
Ben Cho
Benjamin Cho
Adam Chodzko
Eugene Choi
Heman Chong
Ha Chonghyun
Henri Chopin
Saloua Raouda Choucair
Robert Chouraqui
Barton Choy
Driss Chraïbi
Imitation of Christ
Andreas Christen
Dan Christensen
Nadine Christensen
Claire Christerson
Henning Christiansen
Ursula Reuter Christiansen
Donald Christie
Julie Christie
Willie Christie
Gunter Christmann
Javacheff Christo
Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson
Peter Christopherson
Nina Chua
Jay Chung
Ann Churchill
Leidy Churchman
Seymour Chwast
Vera Chytilova
George Ciancimino
Susan Cianciolo
Suzanne Ciani
Aldo Cibic
Andrea Branzi Aldo Cibic
Tomasz Ciecierski
Roman Cieślewicz
Amy Cimini
Emil Cimiotti
Studio for Propositional Cinema
Manual Cirauqui
Cristian Cirici
Paolo Cirio
Antoinette J. Citizen
John Citizen
Paul Citoen
Antonio Citterio
Arnaud Claass
Paula Claire
John Clark
Larry Clark
Lygia Clark
Marc Clark
Michael Clark
Peter Clark
Than Hussein Clark
Tony Clark
Bronwyn Clark-Coolee
Ami Clarke
Chris Clarke
John Clem Clarke
Kenneth Biennale (curated by Kenny Pittock and Amy May Stuart: Chris Clarke
Maree Clarke
Peter Clarke
Alan Clarvis
Heinrich Clasing
Middle Class
Carlfriedrich Claus
Magnus Clausen
Nicole Claveloux
Irving Claw
William Claxton
Trevelyan Clay
Paul Claydon
Steven Claydon
Jack Clayton
The Clean
Vija Clemens
Francesco Clemente
Inge Clemente
Bill Clements
Ebbe Clemmensen
Karen Clemmensen
Serge Clerc
Lucien Clergue
The Clichettes
Martin Soto Climent
Clyde Clinton
Visible Cloaks
Spencer Dolan (Visible Cloaks)
Deviant & the Clones
Andrea Ayala Closa
Chuck Close
Claude Closky
Lluis Clotet
JOIN Collective Clothes
Prunella Clough
Laughing Clowns
Ashiya Camera Club
Naniwa Shashin Club
Layla Cluer
Seth Cluett
Jock Clutterbuck
Aurore Clément
Corinne Cléry
Steendrukkerij de Jong & Co
N.E. Thing Co.
Art Workers' Coalition
Gulf Labour Coalition
Marcus Coates
Nigel Coates
Christina Cobb
Ron Cobb
Bob Cobbing
Alvin Langdon Coburn
John Coburn
Tyler Coburn
Fabrizio Cocchia
Richard Cochrane
Bruce Cockburn
The Cockettes
Jean Cocteau
Grace Coddington
Pseudo Code
José Antonio Coderch
Brian Coe
Sue Coe
Michael Coffey
Peter Coffin
Ira Cohen
Mark Cohen
Emile Cohl
Ola Cohn
Susan Cohn
Tony Cokes
Luigi Colani
Ric Colbeck
Peter D. Cole
Thomas Cole
Jack Colee
Tony Coleing
James Coleman
Joe Coleman
Ornette Coleman
Dan Colen
Robert Colescott
Pietro Coletta
Nathan Coley
Paul Colin
Paul Colinet
Collective Action Group
Edmund Collein
Ted Colless
Peter Collien
Anne Collier
Brian Collier
Bryan Collins
Coleman Collins
Edward Wright & Jean Collins
James Collins
Joan Collins
Phil Collins
Martin Collocott
Scott Colman
Victoria Colmegna
Roy Colmer
Jacques Colombat
Antonio Ari Colombo
Gianni Colombo
Joe Colombo
Francois Colos
Ithell Colquhoun
Adam Colton
Alice Coltrane
John Coltrane
Durutti Column
Alex Colville
Daniela Comani
Georges Combret
Pascal Comelade
Jan Commandeur
Pierre Commoy
Marco Comolli
Bad Company
Dunbar Furniture Company
Herman Miller Furniture Company
Honey-Suckle Company
Feminine Complex
Area Condizionata
Céline Condorelli
Miguel Condé
Guilo Confalonieri
William J. Conklin
Clyde Connell
Bruce Conner
Bruce Connor
Fiona Connor
Loren Connors
Loren Mazzacane Connors
Matt Connors
The Connotations
Tony Conrad
Terence Conran
Pietro Consagna
Pietro Consagra
Caleb Considine
Nuova Consonanza
The Paul Winter Consort
Chris Constable
John Constable
Eddie Constantine
Deanna Conti
Giovanni Contini
Leone Contini
Isaac Contreras
Houston Conwill
Christopher Cook
Peter Cook
William Delafield Cook
Raf Coolen
Alice Cooper
Jerome Cooper
Kate Cooper
Lindsay Cooper
Muriel Cooper
Ron Cooper
Cop Shoot Cop
Julian Cope
Bill Copley
William Copley
Christophe Coppens
Silvio Coppola
Sofia Coppola
Millions of Dead Cops
Richard Corban
Roger Corbeau
Richard Corben
John Corbett
Richard Corbin
Le Corbusier
Marco Cordioli
Chick Corea
Patrick Corillon
Tee Corinne
Stella Corkery
Peter Corlett
Catherine Corman
Isabelle Cornaro
Phillip Cornelius
Joseph Cornell
Lauren Cornell
Philip Corner
Coro Collective
Martine Corompt
Bernadette Corporation
Maurizio Corrado
Gilberto Corretti
Peter Corrigan
Chris Corsano
Mary Corse
Gregory Corso
Angelo Cortesi
Diego Cortez
Renee Cosgrave
George Coslin
Michael Cosmic
Eduardo Costa
Tim Coster
Robert Cottingham
Paul Cotton
Noel Counihan
Clementine Coupau
Gustave Courbet
Cosmic Couriers
Amiel Courtin-Wilson
James Cousins
Vicky Couzens
Miguel Covarrubias
Virginia Coventry
Henry Cow
Legendary Hearts (Kieran Hegarty and Andrew Cowie)
Patrick Cowley
Paul Cox
Tony Cox
Warren Cox
Lol Coxhill
Lee Brown Coye
Kevin Coyne
Luigi Cozzi
Mimmo Cozzolino
Molly Crabapple
Liz Craft
Tony Cragg
John Craig
Sybil Craig
Michael Craig-Martin
Thomson & Craighead
Elysia Crampton
Mike Crane
Andrew Cranston
Meg Cranston
Ann Craven
Len Crawford
Leonard Crawford
Stephanie Crawford
William Crawford
Richard Crawley
The Red Crayola
Mujeres Creando
Martin Creed
Bum Creek
Alice Creischer
Leonardo Cremonini
Guido Crepax
Rafaella Crespi
Michel Crespin
Skeleton Crew
King Crimson
Roberto Crippa
Peter Cripps
Quentin Crisp
Armando Crispino
Inri Cristo
Somaya Critchlow
Christo Crocker
Zoë Croggon
Donald Crombie
Peggy Crombie
Dennis Crompton
David Cronenberg
Patricia Cronin
Ray Crooke
Theo Crosby
Fred Cross
Pretty Boy Crossover
Ross Crothall
Wim Crouwel
Aleister Crowley
Grace Crowley
Sarah Crowner
William Crozier
Adam Cruickshank
Allan Cruickshank
Sally Cruikshank
Robert Crumb
Dewey Crumpler
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Abraham Cruzvillega
Joseph Csaky
Enzo Cucchi
Minerva Cuevas
Marcus Cuffie
Bill Culbert
Adam Cullen
Peter Culley
Tenant of Culture
Alan Cummings
Bill Cunningham
Chris Cunningham
David Cunningham
Julie Cunningham
Merce Cunningham
Virginia Cuppaidge
The Cure
John Currin
Aaron Curry
Adam Curtis
Nicholas Curtis
Tom Lynham & Lee Curtis
Roger Cutforth
Rinaldo Cutini
Chris Cutler
Ivor Cutler
Leo Cuypers
Bojana Cvejić
Boris Cvjetanović
Andrew Cyrille
Katarzyna Cytlak
Keren Cytter
Bohlin Powell Larkin Cywinski
Jan Czapliński
Hermann Czech
Natalie Czech
Jerzy Czerniawski
Holger Czukay
Paul Cézanne
Tania Pérez Córdova


AbeIla D'Adamo
Peter D'Agostino
Carlos D'Alessio
Neville D'Almeida
Allan D'Arcangelo
Christopher D'Arcangelo
Donato D'Urbino
Joseph Paul D'Urso
Paulo Mendes Da Rocha
Studio Dada
Richard Dadd
Louise Dahl-Wolfe
Walter Dahn
William Daley
Salvador Dali
Riccardo Dalisi
Augustine Dall'Ava
Francois Dallegret
Salvador Dalí
The Damned
René Daniëls
Aleks Danko
Peter Danko
Ying Lan Dann
Richard Danne
Sybil Danning
Betty Danon
Inga Danysz
Louis Danziger
Hanne Darboven
Henry Darger
Henry Joseph Darger
Juliet Darling
Lowell Darling
Julie Dash
Julian Dashper
Richard Dattner
Pelican Daughters
Howard Daum
Honoré Daumier
Et Cetera/Wolfgang Dauner
Wolfgang Dauner
Moyra Davey
Enrico David
Larry David
Yael Davids
J. R. Davidson
Alan Davie
Isabel Davies
Julie Davies
Miles Davies
Juan Davila
Bob Davis
Douglas Davis
Gene Davis
Jack Davis
John Davis
Kate Davis
Lydia Davis
Mike Davis
Miles Davis
Paul Davis
Ronald Davis
Stuart Davis
Tamra Davis
Vaginal Davis
Peter Davison
Debra Dawes
Oskar Dawicki
Norman Dawn
Sofie Dawo
Lawrence Daws
David Dawson
Janet Dawson
Marley Dawson
Neil Dawson
Verne Dawson
Corinne Day
Gene Day
Jeremiah Day
Lucienne Day
Robin Day
Daniel Day-Lewis
Ana De Almeida
Marc De Blieck
Saskia De Boer
Sara De Bondt
Samson De Brier
Domenico De Clario
Jan De Cock
Floh De Cologne
Thierry De Cordier
Gino De Dominicis
Giorgio De Ferrari
Paul De Gobert
Thierry De Gordier
Coup De Grace
Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
Raoul De Keyser
Willem De Kooning
Colin De Land
Michele De Lucchi
Walter De Maria
Sergio De Michiel
Woody De Othello
Jonathan De Pas
Margaret De Patta
Paolo De Poli
Antonia Astori De Ponti
Willem De Rooij
Jimmy De Sana
Jens De Schutter
Vittorio De Sica
John De Silentio
Nicolas De Staël
Bruno De Toffoli
Jay DeFeo
Barbara DeGenevieve
Brian DeGraw
Constance DeJong
Tony DeLap
Abigail DeVille
Destiny Deacon
Richard Deacon
The Grateful Dead
Aria Dean
Elton Dean
Michael Dean
Roger Dean
Tacita Dean
H. Dearing
Septic Death
Sonic Death
Mariana Castillo Deball
Guy Debord
Giorgio Decursu
Koenraad Dedobbeleer
Thomas Deecke
Roy Deforest
Silvie Defraoui & Chérif Defraoui
Paolo Deganello
Edgar Degas
Paul Degen
Dorothy Dehner
Michael Deistic
Kitty van der Mijll Dekker
Ad Dekkers
Edith Dekyndt
Lana Del Rey
Eugène Delacroix
Rafael Delacruz
W. Delafield-Cook
Luc Delahaye
Frédéric Delanglade
Michael Delany
Chto Delat
Robert Delaunay
Sonia Delaunay
Etienne Delessert
Pierre Delessert
Delfina Delettrez
Gilles Deleuze
Fernand Deligny
Christian Dell
Mario Dell'Orto
Jeremy Deller
Nathalie Delon
Mathias Delplanque
Mario Deluigi
Paul Delvaux
Jean Delville
Wim Delvoye
Alain Demachy
Thomas Demand
Patrick Demarchelier
Constance Demby
Ann Demeulemeester
Saim Demircan
Boris Demur
Agnes C. Denes
Agnes Denes
Catherine Deneuve
Verena Dengler
Jean-Claude Denis
Elwyn Dennis
Sandy Denny
Simon Denny
Ruggero Deodato
Fortunato Depero
Sara Deraedt
André Derain
Maya Deren
Mirtha Dermisache
Pietro Derossi
Carola Dertnig
Simon Desanta
Gérard Deschamps
in addition to Gérard Deschamps
Liz Deschenes
Nicolas Deshayes
François de Nomé (Monsù Desiderio)
Total Design
Robert Desnos
Charles Despiau
Louise Despont
Tony Destefano
Jean Desville
Xmal Deutchland
David Deutsch
James Deutsher
Marc Devade
Michel Deville
Simone Devon
Richard Devore
Daniel Dewar
Kenneth Dewey
Walter Dexel
Daniel Dezeuze
Fernando Di Leo
Michele Di Menna
Nicola Di Menna
Diane DiMassa
Tony DiSpigna
Arthur Dial
Jessica Diamond
David Diao
Antonio Dias
George Diaz
Jan Dibbets
Philip K. Dick
Jean-Jacques Dicker
Robert Dickerson
The Dickies
Rod Dickinson
The Dictators
Gintaras Didziapetris
Erich Dieckmann
Horst Diekgerdes
Sari Dienes
Rolf Gunter Dienst
Dieter Dierks
Walter Diethelm
Erwin C. Dietrich
Bill Dietz
The Diggers
Rineke Dijkstra
Christos Dikeakos
Stephan Dillemuth
The Dils
Braco Dimitrijevic
James Dine
Jim Dine
Claudio Dini
John Dinkeloo
Boris Diodorov
Mark Dion
Jean-Pierre Dionnet
Christian Dior
Anthony Discenza
Martin Disler
Walt Disney
Herbert Distel
Social Distortion
Eugenio Dittborn
Nanna Ditzel
Joy Division
John Divola
Otto Dix
Bill Dixon
Dougal Dixon
Tim Laura Djabajari
John Kurparu Djagamara
Kaapa Mbijana Djambidjimba
Walter Djambidjimba
Thea Djordjadze
Goran Djordjević
Sir William Dobell
William Dobell
Andreas Dobler
Sean Dockray
Lois Dodd
Lucy Dodd
Margaret Dodd
Harry Dodge
Jason Dodge
Colin Dodgson
Rudolf Doernach
John Dogg
Peter Doig
Jiří Georg Dokoupil
Noël Dolla
New York Dolls
Aleksandra Domanović
Arno (Arnaud Dombre)
César Domela
Casimiro Domingo
Luigi Caccia Dominioni
Patricia Domínguez
A.D.S. Donaldson
Enrico Donati
Cheryl Donegan
Song Dong
Hannah Donnelly
Trisha Donnelly
Jörn Donner
Richard Donner
Etant Donnes
Roberto Donnini
Wallace & Donohue
Terence Donovan
Laurel Doody
James Doolin
Piero Dorazio
Alex Dordoy
Audrey Chapel Dorey
Lou Dorfsman
Louis Dorfsman
Françoise Dorléac
Helmut Dorner
Heather Dorrough
Nathaniel Dorsky
Julien Dossena
Legendary Pink Dots
David Douard
Eliza Douglas
Emory Douglas
Stan Douglas
Ines Doujak
Gianni Dova
Arthur Dove
Jon Dovey
John Dowie
Hazel Dowling
Juan Downey
Jarinyanu David Downs
Peter Downsbrough
Clint Doyle
Max Doyle
Sam Doyle
Tom Doyle
Nuša and Srečo Dragan
Lucky Dragons
Elmgreen & Dragset
Jan Dranger
James Draper
Kevin Draper
Tangerine Dream
Otto Dressler
Benedict Drew
Marian Drew
Arthur Drexler
Roslyn Drexler
Carl Dreyer
Carl Theodor Dreyer
Studio Driade
Jan Dries
Rebecca Driffield
Michael Drobny
Guido Drocco
Felix Droese
Orshi Drozdik
Mort Drucker
Philippe Druillet
Rozalind Drummond
Larisa Dryansky
Moira Dryer
Russell Drysdale
Nathalie Du Pasquier
Rogério Duarte
Andre Dubreuil
Jean Dubuffet
Sylvain Dubuisson
Marcel Duchamp
Raymond Duchamp-Villon
Marcia Due
Michel Dufet
Brian Duffy
Martine Dufour
François Dufrêne
Raoul Dufy
John Dugger
John Duigan
Lili Dujourie
Stacy Dukes
Germaine Dulac
Constant Dullaart
Marlene Dumas
Jean-Paul Dumas-Grillet
Lesley Dumbrell
Iancu Dumitrescu
Jean Dunand
David Douglas Duncan
George Duncan
John Duncan
Carroll Dunham
John Dunkley-Smith
Annalisa Dunn
Douglas Dunn
Judith Dunn
Noel Dunn
Phyl Dunn
Richard Dunn
Robert Ellis Dunn
George Dunning
Heinrich Dunst
Nhu Duong
Hubert Duprat
Werner Durand
Marguerite Duras
Andrew Durbin
Albrecht Durer
Mike Durford
Jimmie Durham
Gihslain Dussart
Daniel Duval
Rose Duvall
Marc Duveau
Jean Duvet
Lukas Duwenhögger
Eric Duyckaerts
Gruppe Dvizenie
Virginia Dwan
William Addison Dwiggins
Edward Dwurnik
Mikala Dwyer
Nancy Dwyer
Eliza Dyball
Anke Dyes
Kate Dymond
Moya Dyring
Molly Dyson
Marcel Dzama
Friedel Dzubas
François Décorchemont
Wolfgang Döring
Hüsker Dü
Albrecht Dürer
La Düsseldorf
Amon Düül
Dušan Džamonja
Abella D’Adamo
Christopher D’Arcangelo
Dario D’Aronco
Gabriella D’Costa
Sante D’Orazio
Joe D’Urso


Atelier E.B.
Charles & Ray Eames
Charles Eames
Charles and Ray Eames
Ray Eames
Stephen Earle
Norman Earles
Earthworks Poster Collective
Julius Eastman
Ken Eastman
Luigi Montefiori (George Eastman)
Janenne Eaton
Didier Eberoni
Thomas Eberwein
Martin Ebner
Shannon Ebner
Foxtrot Echo
Tom Eckersley
Gunther Eckert
Rob Eckhardt
Mike Eckhaus
Tias Eckhoff
Don Eddy
Cecilia Edefalk
Heinz Edelmann
Mary Beth Edelson
Bengt Edenfalk
Mark Edgoose
Ellen Edinoff
Maggie Edmond
William Edmondson
Mo Edoga
Esther Edquist
Sydney (Esther Edquist)
Anders Edstrom
Anders Edström
Joshua Edward
Adrienne Edwards
Clementine Edwards
Mel Edwards
Melvin Edwards
Sean Edwards
Electric Eels
Benni Efrat
George Egerton-Warburton
Flied Egg
Viking Eggeling
Franz Eggenschwiler
Thomas Eggerer
William Eggleston
Shu Eguchi
Josef Ehm
Felipe Ehrenberg
Franz Ehrlich
Hans Eichenberger
Manfred Eicher
Wolfgang Eicher
Maria Eichhorn
Wolfgang Eichler
Michaela Eichwald
Maria Eich­horn
Egon Eiermann
Hans Eijkelboom
Debo Eilers
Gardar Eide Einarsson
Nicole Eisenman
Peter Eisenman
Sergei Eisenstein
Ida Ekblad
Gunnar Eklöf
Marie-Louise Ekman
Yngve Ekström
Hasan Elahi
Jan Brueghel the Elder
John Elder
Pieter Bruegel the Elder
Pieter Brueghel the Elder
Consumer Electronics
Joel Elenberg
Arthur Elgort
Olafur Eliasson
Hans Ell
Paul Elliman
John Elliott
Stuart Elliott
Kate Ellis
Rennie Ellis
Buck Ellison
Craig Ellwood
Aube Elléouët
Edvander Elsken
Raymond Elston
Cary Elwes
Bonita Ely
Nocturnal Emissions
The Nocturnal Emissions
Riccardo Emma
J.D. Emmanuel
Neil Emmerson
Ed Emshwiller
Oscar Enberg
Edgar Ende
Jack Endewelt
Claude Engel
Mattheus Engel
Pieter Engels
Marius Engh
Michael English
Eva Englund
Ivan Englund
Monica Englund
Vivi Enkyo
Brian Eno
Koji Enokura
Ryōichi Enomoto
Groep Enschede
Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble
Critical Art Ensemble
Milo Fine Free Jazz Ensemble
Spontaneous Music Ensemble
James Ensor
Felix Ensslin
Haris Epaminonda
Timothy Epps
Jacob Epstein
Jean Epstein
Ulrich Erben
Miklós Erdély
Cevdet Erek
Köken Ergun
Hildegard Erhard
Arthur Erickson
Roky Erickson
Ayşe Erkmen
Vasilii Ermlov
Vera Ermolaeva
Annie Ernaux
Aston Ernest
Winnie Ernest
Hans Erni
Franz Ernst
Max Ernst
Ralph Erskine
Elliott Erwitt
Leonard Esbensen
Noemí Escandell
M.C. Escher
Dese Escobar
Patricia Escudero
Joseph Esherick
Noa Eshkol
Yasmine Eslami
Patricia Esquivias
Simon Esterson
Richard Estes
Maurice Esteve
Lionel Estève
Roe Ethridge
Suzan Etkin
Amelia Etlinger
Kazuhito Etoh
Jon Mikel Euba
Jana Euler
Diogo Evangelista
Roberto Evangelista
Cerith Wyn Evans
Chris Evans
Cécile B. Evans
Minnie Evans
Walker Evans
Alethea Everard
Martin Everett
Rupert Everett
Philip Evergood
A Centre for Everything
Ruth Ewan
Roger Excoffon
Andreas Exner
Valie Export
Alexandra Exter
Yamantaka Eye
Hans Eykelboom
Em'kal Eyongakpa


Agenore Fabbri
Erwin Fabian
Stephen Fabian
Jan Fabre
Jesper Fabricius
Preben Fabricius
Luciano Fabro
Debris Facility
John Fahey
Öyvind Fahlström
Walter Fahndrich
Loretta Fahrenholz
Patrick Faigenbaum
Belu-Simion Fainaru
Fraser Fair
Merilyn Fairskye
Ian Fairweather
Marianne Faithfull
Guillermo Faivovich
Brenda Fajardo
Jim Falconer
Matias Faldbakken
Claire Falkenstein
The Fall
Mario Fallani
Sam Falls
Shen Fan
Sylvie Fanchon
Hu Fang
Wojciech Fangor
Laura Fanning
Richard Faralia
Viola Farber
Jean-Paul Fargier
Linda Fargo
Abbé Faria
Ralston Farina
Dénes Farkas
Ant Farm
Monir Shahroudy Farmanfarmaian
Geoffrey Farmer
Mimsy Farmer
Tessa Farmer
Harun Farocki
Keith Farquhar
Terry Farrell
Vince Farrell
Jason Farrer
Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Makers of the Dead Travel Fast
Omer Fast
Simone Fattal
Brian Faucheux
Pierre Faucheux
Bernard Faucon
Henri Le Fauconnier
Tom Faulk
Winthrop Faulkner
Marina Faust
Jean Fautrier
Lara Favaretto
Canaries & Taraneh Fazeli
Pericle Fazzini
Vincent Fecteau
Jutta Feddersen
Gene Federico
Judith Fegerl
Tony Feher
Sverre Fehn
Steve Feigenbaum
Lyonel Feininger
T. Lux Feininger
Rochelle Feinstein
Lorser Feitelson
Emerik Feješ
Lester Feldman
Morton Feldman
Hans-Peter Feldmann
Zdenek Felix
Federico Fellini
Anne Fellner
Peter Fend
Edwige Fenech
Herbert Ferber
Anne Ferguson
Gerald Ferguson
Ian Ferguson
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Étienne Fermigier
Agustin Fernandez
Benedict J. Fernandez
John C. Fernie
Fernando Fernández
Nicolás Fernández
Jackie Ferr
Anne Ferran
Alberto Ferrari
Fulvio Ferrari
Luc Ferrari
Pierpaolo Ferrari
James Ferraro
Cayetano Ferrer
Esther Ferrer
Rafael Ferrer
Anna Castelli Ferrieri
Franco Ferrini
Pablo Ferro
Brian Ferry
Tano Festa
Valia Fetisov
Rainer Fetting
Limi Feu
Hans Feurer
Chohreh Feyzdjou
Lewis Fidock
Kyle Field
Rib Field
Duggie Fields
Giles Fielke
Alien Sex Fiend
Pavel Filanov
Louise Fili
Charles Filiger
Carla Filipe
Genoveva Filipovic
Franjo Filipović
Robert Filliou
Icons of Filth
John Findley
Jud Fine
Perle Fine
Gianfranco Fini
Leonor Fini
Léonor Fini
Larry Fink
Margaret Fink
The Nat. Museum of Finland
Tom of Finland
Ian Hamilton Finlay
Virgil Finlay
Rose Finn-Kelcey
Hans Finsler
Howard Finster
Robin Fior
Jessamyn Fiore
Leonardo Fiori
Giosetta Fioroni
Peter Firm
Peter Firmin
Colin Firth
Clare Firth-Smith
John Firth-Smith
Georg Fischer
Hal Fischer
Julia Fischer
Konrad Fischer
Urs Fischer
Oskar Fischinger
Peter Fischli
Frederick Fisher
Joel Fisher
Morgan Fisher
Peter Fisher
Louise Fishman
Kay Fisker
Lizzie Fitch
Straitjacket Fits
David Fitts
Emma Fitts
Brighid Fitzgerald
John Anster Fitzgerald
Coleen Fitzgibbon
Sensation's Fix
Rah Fizelle
Audrey Flack
Black Flag
Broken Flag
White Flag
Christian Flamm
Barry Flanagan
Bob Flanagan
Mary Flanagan
Lola Flash
Hackney Flashers
Wolfgang Flatz
Gustave Flaubert
Dan Flavin
Willy Fleckhaus
Alain Fleischer
Richard Fleischer
Adolf Fleischmann
Dirk Fleischmann
Elein Fleiss
Sherman Fleming
Shary Flenniken
Human Flesh
Alan Fletcher
Harrell Fletcher
Jim Fletcher
Lili Fleury
Sylvie Fleury
Jerzy Flisak
Noel Flood
Yani Florence
Yanni Florence
Patrick D. Flores
The Wilde Flowers
Emily Floyd
Pink Floyd
Ceal Floyer
Herbert Flugelman
Joanna Flynn
Henry Flynt
Mierle Laderman Ukeles Henry Flynt
Adolf Flückiger
Assume Vivid Astro Focus
Family Fodder
Ryan Foerster
Jørgen Fog
Peter Foldes
Jean Follett
John Follis
Jean-Michel Folon
Madame Fondrillon
Claire Fontaine
Corsin Fontana
Franco Fontana
Lucio Fontana
Joan Fontcuberta
Colin Forbes
Nye Ffarrabas (Bici Forbes)
Sue Ford
Dominic Forde
Richard Foreman
Jean-Claude Forest
Lorenzo Forges
Die Form
Studio Formafantasma
Miloš Forman
Robert Forman
Werner Forman
Piero Fornasetti
Christina Forrer
Leonard Forslund
Benjamin Forster
Samuel Forsythe
Louise Forthun
Simone Forti
Chris Foss
Jodie Foster
Norman Foster
Pat Foster
Robert Foster
Léonard Foujita
Garry Foulkes
Llyn Foulkes
Rachel Foullon
Bruce High Quality Foundation
Experimental Art Foundation
As Four
Gang of Four
Luke Fowler
Terry Fox
John Foxx
Theodor Fraenkel
Claudio Fragasso
Fernanda Fragateiro
John Fraioli
Hollis Frampton
Roger Frampton
Zoviet France
Amy Franceschini
Anna Franceschini
Nino Franchina
Ado Franchini
Gianfranco Franchini
Pietro Franchini
Ivor Francis
Sam Francis
Juma Francisco
Kaj Franck
Ruth Francken
James Franco
Jean Franco
Jesús Franco
Mario Franco
André Francois
Georges Franju
Dale Frank
Dick Frank
Jean Michel Frank
Jean-Michel Frank
Josef Frank
Mary Frank
Robert Frank
Tony Frank
Ruth Franken
Helen Frankenthaler
Paul Frankl
Michael Franklin
Richard Franklin
Alicia Frankovich
John-E Franzen
Ulrich Franzen
Frank Franzetta
Michel François
Andrea Fraser
Peter Fraser
Virginia Fraser
Alfonso Frasnedi
Gian Piero Frassinelli
An­drea Fras­er
Richard Frater
William Frater
Gianfranco Frattini
Livio Castiglioni & Gianfranco Frattini
Kommissar Hjuler und Frau
Frank Frazetta
Latoya Ruby Frazier
Paul Frazier
Wilhelm Freddie
Agitation Free
Free City Collective
Lard Free
Hermine Freed
Total Freedom
Marley Freeman
Robert Freeman
Hans Frei
Luca Frei
Jane Freilicher
Bea Fremderman
Jim French
Leonard French
Vera Frenkel
Lucian Freud
Sigmund Freud
Marek Freudenreich
Wojciech Freudenreich
Otto Freundlich
Nicholas Frewing
Viola Frey
Ernst Fricke
Hreinn Fridfinnsson
Howard Fried
Nancy Fried
M. Paul Friedberg
Pedro Friedeberg
Peter Friedl
Lee Friedlander
Yona Friedman
Caspar David Friedrich
Donald Friend
Dino Frigerio
Magdalena Suarez Frimkess
Michael Frimkess
Robert Fripp
Fred Frith
Karl Fritsch
Katharina Fritsch
Katherina Fritsch
Bernard Frize
Sarah Froelich
Edgar Froese
Adolf Frohner
Aurélien Froment
John Gilles and The Sydney Front
Group Frontera
AG Fronzoni
Anthony Froshaug
Alastair Frost
Adrian Frutger
Adrian Frutiger
Léon Frédéric
Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn
Brian Fuata
Ernst Fuchs
Limpe Fuchs
The Fugs
Akio Fuji
Hiromi Fujii
Sou Fujimoto
Yu Fujimoto
Fujiko Fujio
Keisuke Fujiwara
Simon Fujiwara
Masahisa Fukase
Yukio Fukazawa
Fumiaki Fukita
Fumiaki Fukuda
Shigeo Fukuda
Hitomi Fukuhara
Roso Fukuhara
Shinzo Fukuhara
Lucio Fulci
James Fulkerson
Buckminster Fuller
Justin K Fuller
Michael Fullerton
Ellen Fullman
Hamish Fulton
Chiara Fumai
Katsura Funakoshi
Walter Funkat
Jaromír Funke
Timothy Furey
Yvonne Furneaux
Gran Fury
Coco Fusco
Maria Fusco
Henry Fuseli
Marco Fusinato
Yukio Futagawa
Futura 2000
Dolphins Into The Future
Heike-Karin Föll
Günther Förg


E. R. G.
Ellie Ga
Meschac Gaba
Dolce & Gabbana
Suzi Gablik
Naum Gabo
Rene Gabri
Peter Gabriel
Uwe Gabriel
G. L. Gabriel-Thieler
Bruno Gaburro
Louisa Gagliardi
Aline Gagnaire
Cyprien Gaillard
Malik Gaines
Thomas Gainsborough
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Serge Gainsbourg
Aslan Gaisumov
Mary Gaitskill
Dani Gal
Griot Galaxy
Vincenzo Galdi
Libero Galdo
Peggy Gale
Ivan Ladislav Galeta
Drago Galic
Regina José Galindo
Mladen Galić
Vladimir P. Galkin
Ellen Gallagher
Head Gallery
Monica's Gallery
John Galliano
Briony Galligan
Giuseppe Pinot Gallizio
Frank Gallo
Vincent Gallo
Ed Gallucci
Jerry Gallwa
Émile Gallé
Pussy Galore
Nikolas Gambaroff
Jørgen Gammelgaard
Martino Gamper
Pinchas Cohen Gan
Rainer Ganahl
Abel Gance
Ryan Gander
Dominique Gangloff
Carlos Garaicoa
Giovanni Tommaso Garattoni
Jan Garbarek
Keith Garbett
Laura Garbštienė
Jerry Garcia
Mario Garcia-Torres
Dora García
Ignazio Gardella
Franco Garelli
Tony Garifilakis
Ken Garland
Felix Garner-Davis
Ilse Garnier
Clinton Garofano
John Garrett
Malcolm Garrett
Michael Garrison
Alex Garry
Alberto Garutti
Comme des Garçons
Rosalie Gascoigne
Graziano Gasparini
Hanns Gasser
Marco Gastini
The Gate
Theaster Gates
Piero Gatti
Walter Gatti
Philippe Gauckler
Elżbieta Gaudasińska
Antoni Gaudí
Paul Gaugin
Nicolás Gaugnini
Paul Gauguin
Winfred Gaul
Jean-Paul Gaultier
Marie Gaultier
Patrick Gauthier
Roberto Gavioli
Tibor Gayor
Eyeless In Gaza
Don Gazzard
Marea Gazzard
Meschac Ga­ba
Dragan Gaži
Bruno Gecchelin
Gideon Gechtman
Stuart Geddes
William Gedney
Nik Cameron Geen
Peter Rostovsky/David Geers
Ron Geesin
Gruppe Geflecht
Ernie Gehr
Frank Gehry
Anna Bella Geiger
Rupprecht Geiger
Roger-Virgile Geiser
Chermayeff & Geismar
Obermayer & Geismar
Thomas Geismar
Tom Geismar
Robert Geisser
Klaus Geissler
Alfred Gell
Johnny Gembitsky
Ivan Generalić
Josip Generalić
Jean Genet
Karen Genoff
Peter Gente
Franco Gentilini
Tim Gentles
Isa Genzken
Esplendor Geometico
Esplendor Geométrico
Gilbert & George
Lisa Radford and Sam George
Susan George
Olga Georges-Picot
Diena Georgetti
Klaus Georgi
Byron & Gerald
Gaylen Gerber
Matthys Gerber
Ludger Gerdes
Cathy Gere
Ernst Gerhard-Güse
Eugenio Gerli
Valeriy Gerlovin
Rimma Gerlovina
Mimmo Germana
Christian Germanaz
Florian Germann
Mimmo Germanà
The Germs
Poul Gernes
Helmut Gernsheim
The Gerogerigegege
John Gerrard
Richard Gerstl
Karl Gerstner
Valeska Gert
Franz Gertsch
Jochen Gerz
Bene Gesserit
Joris Geurts
Avital Geva
Sasha Geyer
Jef Geys
Mariam Ghani
Ritwik Ghatak
Luigi Gheno
Quinto Ghermandi
Susanne Ghez
Massimo Iosa Ghini
Luigi Ghirri
The Ghostwriters
Francis Giacobetti
Mario Giacomelli
Alberto Giacometti
Augusto Giacometti
Diego Giacometti
Gabriella Giandelli
Gentle Giant
Elsi Giauque
Bill Gibb
Kate Gibb
Timothy Gibb
Ella Gibbs
Giuseppe Gibelli
Alan Gibson
Beatrice Gibson
Jon Gibson
Ralph Gibson
Grégory Gicquel
Tom Gidley
Carola Giedion-Welcker
Rainer Giese
Reinhard Gieselmann
Helen Gifford
H.R. Giger
Piero Gilardi
John Gilbert
João Gilberto
David Gilhooly
Oberto Gili
Andrea Gill
Bob Gill
Eric Gill
Gauri Gill
Madge Gill
Simryn Gill
Pierre et Gilles
Gregory Gillespie
Joe Gillespie
Roger-Edgar Gillet
Frank Gillette
Sam Gilliam
Terry Gilliam
Liam Gillick
Melanie Gilligan
Hector Gilliland
Alec Gillis
Paul Gillon
John Gilmore
Marlene Gilson
Max Gimblett
Madeline Gins
Allen Ginsberg
Monika Gintersdorfer
Natasha Ginwala
Massimiliano Gioni
Abrella Giorgi
John Giorno
Alexander Girard
Jean Giraudoux
Raimund Girke
Guerrilla Girls
Marine Girls
Poison Girls
Marino Girolami
Bruno Gironcoli
Emma Schweinberger Gismondi
Ernesto Gismondi
Egberto Gismonti
Frank Gitty
Tan Giudicelli
Anton Giulio
George Giusti
Simon Glaister
Hysteric Glamour
Peggy Glanville-Hicks
Joseph Glasco
Milton Glaser
Mike Glasheen
Philip Glass
Ted Glass
Hansjörg Glattfelder
Hans Glauber
Helena Gleeson
James Gleeson
Albert Gleizes
Mike Glier
Phoebe Gloeckner
Beatrice Glow
Edgars Gluhovs
Liz Glynn
Manuel Gnam
Domenico Gnoli
Go Go's
The Go-Betweens
Philip Goad
Robert Gober
Sawako Goda
Jean-Luc Godard
Bob Godfrey
John Godfrey
Georgina Godley
Heiner Goebbels
Marek Goebel
Johan Goedhart
Camille Goemans
Hermann Goepfert
Rainald Goetz
Bruce Goff
Ralph Goings
Mira Gojak
Hubert Gojowczyk
Tomoo Gokita
Gerolamo Gola
Faith Ring Gold
Nathaniel Goldberg
Nicolás Goldberg
Rochelle Goldberg
David Goldblatt
Matt Golden
Wiliam Golden
William Golden
Natascha Goldenberg
Ernoe Goldfinger
Nan Goldin
Morton Goldsholl
Clio Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith
Silvia Goldsmith
Ann Goldstein
Jack Goldstein
Zvi Goldstein
Piero Golia
Bruno Goller
Sergius Golowin
Hendrick Goltzius
Leon Golub
Alair Gomes
Fernanda Gomes
Manuel Octavio Gomez
Nelly Gommez-Vaëz
Natalia Goncharova
Paola Gondolfini
Michel Gondry
Mother Gong
Kuno Gonschior
Natalia Gontscharowa
Carolina Gonzales
Julio Gonzales
Mark Gonzales
Wayne Gonzales
Julio Gonzalez
Latifa Elmrini Gonzalez
Mark Gonzalez
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster
Felix Gonzalez-Torres
Felix González-Torres
David Goodall
Joe Goode
Stephen Goodfellow
Art Goodman
Richard Goodwin
Ron Gorchov
David Gordon
Douglas Gordon
Jeremy Gordon
Kim Gordon
Peter Gordon
Edward Gorey
Gorgona Group
Ben Gorham
John Gorham
Jean Gorin
Jean-Pierre Gorin
Arshile Gorky
Julia Gorman
Kasia Zofia Gorniak
Kawamoto Goro
Mieczyslaw Gorowski
Daniel Gorski
Kiyoji Goryeo
John Gossage
Zbigniew Gostomski
Agatha Gothe-Snape
Keiichiro Goto
Tomislav Gotovac
Adolph Gottlieb
Gotlib (Marcel Gottlieb)
Fritz Gottschalk
Kerstin Gottschalk
Frederic Goudy
Jean Yves Gougaud
Claudia Gould
Glenn Gould
Jean Goulden
Michel Gourdon
Jean Gourmelin
James Gowan
Sheela Gowda
Alan Gowen
Elizabeth Gower
Francisco Goya
Julio Gozalez
Willem Graatsma
Joseph Graber
Janusz Grabiański
Michelle Grabner
Helen Grace
Camille Graeser
Michael Graf
Ane Graff
Mel Graff
Carlo Graffi
Dan Graham
Paul Graham
Robert Graham
Rodney Graham
Percy Grainger
Eugenio Granell
Jacques Grange
Kenneth Grange
Hugh Grant
Moby Grape
Redback Graphix
Peter Grass
Walter Grasskamp
Laurent Grasso
Gotthard Graubner
Angela Grauerholz
Jane Graverol
Michael Graves
Milford Graves
Morris Graves
Nancy Graves
Rupert Graves
Nicole Gravier
Ivars Gravlejs
Alasdair Gray
David Gray
Eileen Gray
Jim Gray
Les Gray
Nathan Gray
Sally Gray
Sueva Gray
Konstantin Grcic
John Greaves
Alberto Greco
Emilio Greco
Alan Green
Art Green
Charles Green
Gang Green
Irwin Green
Janina Green
Renee Green
Renée Green
Van Keppel Green
Peter Greenaway
Victor Greenaway
Simon Gabriel Greenberg
Wendy Greenberg
Charles and Henry Greene
David Greene
Herbert Greene
Matt Greene
Tue Greenfort
Garry Greenwood
Bruno Gregori
Bill Gregory
Vittorio Gregotti
April Greiman
Eileen Grey
Zlatko Grgić
Frank Gribling
Hap Grieshaber
Robert Grieve
Giorgio Griffa
Jaques Griffe
Ralph Griffen
Giuseppe Patroni Griffi
Marion Mahony Griffin
Matt Griffin
Matthew Griffin
Rick Griffin
Susan Griffin
Tim Griffin
Walter Burley Griffin
Bill Griffith
Philip Jones Griffiths
Joseph Grigely
David Griggs
Franco Grignani
Ion Grigorescu
Mary Grigoriadis
Paul Grimault
Kazumichi Grime
P.C. Grimstad
Brian Grimwood
Buky Grinberg
Frieder Grindler
Victor Grippo
Juan Gris
Marcello Grisotti
Throbbing Gristle
Rene Groebli
Conny Groenewegen
Helen Grogan
Trixi Groiss
Gerhard Gronefeld
Ellen Gronemeyer
Red Grooms
Jan Groover
Walter Gropius
Eli Gross
Michael Gross
Yoram Gross
Ulrike Grossarth
Katharina Grosse
Françoise Grossen
Michael Grossert
Greta Magnusson Grossman
Nancy Grossman
Robert Grossman
Robert Grosvenor
Georg Grosz
George Grosz
Mark Grotjahn
Joan Grounds
Marr Grounds
Ross Grounds
Andrew Groves
David Grubbs
David Gruber
Hetum Gruber
Igor Grubić
Krist Gruijthuijsen
Karla Gruodis
Boris Wall Gruphy
Gruppo 9999
Neville Gruzman
Krystyna Gryczełowska
Milan Grygar
Karl Gräser
Bohumila Grögerová
Matthias Grünewald
Thomas Grünleid
Jamil Gs
Sabrina Gschwandtner
Karin Schneider and Nicolás Guagnini
Nicolás Guagnini
Pierre Guariche
Melanie Le Guay
Mick Gubargu
Vladimir Gudac
Sigurdur Gudmundsson
Joaquim Guedes
Pancho Guedes
Carlo Guenzi
Guerilla Art Action Group
Jean Guerin
Guerllia Art Action Group
Inti Guerrero
Giuseppe Guerreschi
Alessandro Guerriero
Guerrilla Art Action Group
The Guerrilla Art Action Group
Wayne Guest
Hans Gugelot
Hervé Guibert
Guido Guidi
Graziella Guidoti
René Guiette
Olivier Guillemin
Sergio Guillen
Jacques Guillon
Tamar Guimarães
Dominique Guiot
Slave Guitars
Ardi Gunawan
Graham Gund
Catherine (Saalfield) Gunn
Fiona Gunn
Linda Gunn-Russell
Hans Gunnarsson
Halldor Gunnlogsson
Aurelia Guo
Hao Guo
Cai Guo-Qiang
Sunil Gupta
Mitinari Gurruwiwi
Andreas Gursky
Guru Guru
João Maria Gusmão
Morassutti & Gussoni
Philip Guston
Rolf Gutbrod
Oto Gutfreund
Kayla Guthrie
Alexander Gutke
Tom Gutt
Clegg & Guttmann
Signe Guttormsen
Renato Guttoso
Renato Guttuso
Pierre Guyotat
Wade Guyton
Ariel Guzik
Jessica Gysel
Brion Gysin
Jean-Léon Gérome
Guillermo Gómez-Peña
Wiktor Górka
Julian Göthe
Manuel Göttsching
Karl Otto Götz


Armin Haab
Hans Haacke
Jac Haan
Jens Haaning
Jan Habarta
Ira Joel Haber
Frank Habicht
Joe Hackbarth
Bae Haddock
Charlie Haden
Zaha Hadid
George Hadjimichalis
Ernst Haeckel
Fritz Haeg
Carmela Haerdtl
Gunter Haese
Günter Haese
Walter Haettenschweiler
Chloe Hagger
Mick Haggerty
Natascha Sadr Haghighian
Hideo Hagiwara
Sakumi Hagiwara
Siegbert Hahn
Irena Haiduk
Andrew Haig
Ian Haig
Jana Haimsohn
Raymond Hains
PVA in Hair
Tibor Hajas
Zlatko Hajdler
Étienne Hajdú
Otto Herbert Hajek
Janusz Haka
Michael Hakimi
John Halas
Károly Halasz
Petrit Halilaj
David Hall
Dilmus Hall
Fiona Hall
Lee Hall
Nigel Hall
Sandy Hall
Jonathan Hallam
Jan Halldoff
Julia Haller
Peter Halley
Michel Halmos
Deborah Halpern
Jacques Halpern
Steven Halpern
Sylvia Halpern
Anna Halprin
Philippe Halsman
Rob Halverson
Hiroshi Hamaya
Alex Hamburger
Jörg Hamburger
Lawrence Abu Hamdan
Between/Peter Michael Hamel
Peter Michael Hamel
Peter Michel Hamel
Robert Hamer
Ann Hamilton
David Hamilton
Ian Hamilton
Richard Hamilton
Barbara Hammer
Victor Hammer
Jo Hammerborg
Harmony Hammond
Jane Hammond
David Hammons
Sebastian Hammwöhner
Katharine Hamnett
Mark Hampton
Lyu Hanabusa
Kambee Hanaya
Kanbei Hanaya
John D. Hancock
Ryosuke Handa
Mark Handforth
Laughing Hands
Michael Haneke
Ren Hang
Heijo Hangen
Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
Kathleen Hanna
Ken Hannam
Poul and Hanne
Keiji Hano
Al Hansen
Fritz Hansen
Hans Hansen
Karl Gustav Hansen
Kent Hansen
Lasse Schmidt Hansen
Oskar Hansen
Ragnar Hansen
Simon Højbo Hansen
Duane Hanson
Erik Hanson
Jitka Hanzlová
Siobhán Hapaska
Slapp Happy
Nav Haq
Choei Hara
Hiromu Hara
Kazuo Hara
Yoshiichi Hara
Noriyuki Haraguchi
Heikichi Harata
Geoffrey Harcourt
Studio Harcourt
George Hardie
Dale Harding
Jorge Ferrari Hardoy
Tristen Hardwood
Françoise Hardy
K8 Hardy
Randy Hardy
Tim Hardy
David Hare
Keith Haring
Mina Harkhavy
Ross Harley
Guy Harloff
Bendix Harms
William Harnett
Louise Harper
Melinda Harper
Roy Harper
William Harper
Alyne Harris
Amelia Harris
Brent Harris
Harwell Hamilton Harris
Paul Harris
Silver Harris
Zach Harris
Allan V. Harrison
Charles Harrison
Chris Harrison
George Harrison
Helen Mayer Harrison
James Harrison
Margaret Harrison
Newton Harrison
Rachel Harrison
Debbie Harry
Newell Harry
Ray Harryhausen
Marsden Hartley
Christian Hartmann
Hans Hartmann
Hans Hartung
Karl Hartung
Tommy Hartung
Josef Hartwig
Namio Harukawa
Bessie Harvey
Michael Harvey
Graham Harwood
Itsuko Hasegawa
Sadao Hasegawa
Juergen Hasenkopf
Joji Hashiguchi (George Hashiguchi)
Anna Haskel
Diane Haskings
Sam Haskins
Matlu Hassan
Mutlu Hassan
Jon Hassell
Maren Hassinger
Gail Hastings
Christian Hasucha
The Haters
Owen Hatherley
Ana Hatherly
Mona Hatoum
Haruhisa Hattori
Kazunari Hattori
Alice Hattrick
Sabine Haudepin
Niels Jørgen Haugesen
Wolfgang Hausamann
Barbara Hauser
Erich Hauser
Wolfgang Hausler
Raoul Hausmann
Robert Haussman
Robert and Trix Haussmann
Deanna Havas
Eberhard Havekost
Nigel Havers
Vladimír Havrilla
Richard Havyatt
Ponch Hawkes
Jamie Hawkesworth
Erick Hawkins
Richard Hawkins
William L. Hawkins
Eloise Hawser
Alex Hay
Deborah Hay
Yoshio Hayakawa
Gekko Hayashi
Hiroki Hayashi
Hiroko Hayashi
Yoshifumi Hayashi
Teruyoshi Hayashida
Bill Hayden
Charlie Hayden
Christina Hayes
Sharon Hayes
Brad Haylock
R.I.P. Hayman
George Haynes
Todd Haynes
Charles Hayward
Danny Hayward
Tony Hayward
Romuald Hazoumè
Severed Heads
Talking Heads
John Healey
National Health
Anne Healy
Lady Heart
John Heartfield
Edith Kiertzner Heath
Isabelle Hebey
Erich Heckel
Florian Hecker
Zvi Hecker
Johanna Hedva
Uriah Heep
Ronnie Heeps
Erwin Heerich
Henry Heerup
Kieran Hegarty
Paul Hegarty
Bernhard Hegglin
Bernard Heidsieck
Simo Heikkila
Bernhard Heiliger
Mary Heilmann
Jeppe Hein
Friedrich Wilhelm Heine
Maurice Heine
Uwe Fischer/Klaus Achim Heine
Robert Heinecken
Caspar Heinemann
Emma Heinzelmann
Thilo Heinzmann
Bernhard Heisig
Jindrich Heisler
Désirée Heiss
Wilhelm Heitmeyer
Drew Heitzler
Michael Heizer
John Hejduk
Al Held
Marc Held
Margarethe Held
Rosemary Held
Franca Helg
Pablo Helguera
Pure Hell
Richard Hell
Charles Heller
Jason Heller
Robert Helm
Adam Helms
Gottfried Helnwein
Nigel Helyer
Amik Hemery
Nolan Hemmings
Lothar Hempel
Jan Henderikse
Tamara Henderson
Victor Lance Henderson
Bici Hendricks
Geoffrey Hendricks
Martijn Hendriks
Lena Henke
Calla Henkel
Uwe Henneken
Jeroen Henneman
Anton Henning
Nancy Hennings
Catherine Christer Hennix
Michel Henricot
FHK Henrion
Henri Kay Henrion
Pedro Henriques
Camille Henrot
Pierre Henry
Bill Hensen
Bill Henson
Jim Henson
Claus-Dietrich Hentschel
Audrey Hepburn
Kim Berit Heppelmann
Barbara Hepworth
Auguste Herbin
Helmut Herbst
René Herbst
Christian Herdeg
Walter Herdeg
Klaus Herding
Fred Herko
Jan Jacob Herman
Lisa Herman
Sali Herman
Ernst Hermanns
Manfred Hermes
George Herms
Aldo Hernández
Diango Hernández
Rodrigo Hernández
Georg Herold
Jörg Herold
Patrick Heron
Susanna Heron
Femke Herrengraven
Francisco Camacho Herrera
Melquiades Herrera
Ed Herring
Matthias Herrmann
Ron Herron
François Hers
Marguerite Hersberger
Lynn Hershman
Lucien Hervé
Werner Herzog
Wulf Herzogenrath
Anna Hess
Lilo Hess
Richard Hess
Eva Hesse
Mona Hessing
Bianca Hester
Joy Hester
Leslie Hewitt
Mike Hewson
Hans Heysen
Julia Heyward
Jacqueline Hick
Jaqueline Hick
Dale Hickey
Len Hickman
David Hicks
Nicola Hicks
Sheila Hicks
Juan Hidalgo
Jorg Hieronymous
Yutaka Higashi
Wayne Higby
Dick Higgins
Kanako Higuchi
Tatsumi Hijikata
Karl Hikade
Yamada Hikaru
Yutaka Hikosaka
Camille Hilaire
Ludwig Hilberseimer
Wolfgang Hilbig
Dil Hildebrand
Anthony Hill
Chris L G Hill
Christopher L G Hill
Christopher LG Hill
Gary Hill
Jenny Hill
Pati Hill
Theodore Hill
Steve Hillage
Holger Hiller
Susan Hiller
Joan Hills
Hubert Hilscher
Virginia Hilyard
Lubaina Himid
Coop Himmelb(l)au
Frank Hinder
Max Jorge Hinderer
Samuel Hindolo
Lewis W. Hine
Matt Hinkley
Hideshi Hino
Kit Hinrichs
Joyce Hinterding
Herbert Hinteregger
Roger Hiorns
Kim Hiorthøy
Kei Hiraga
Hiromi Hiraguchi
Noritoshi Hirakawa
Masaaki Hiraoka
Susumu Hirasawa
Herbert Hirche
Morino Hiroaki
Takeshi Hirobe
Taishi Hirokawa
Yutaka Hirose
Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack
Thomas Hirschhorn
Damien Hirst
Shuji Hisada
Hisashi Hisano
Michio Hisauchi
Alfred Hitchcock
Ivon Hitchens
Greatest Hits
Mark Hix
Perry Hoberman
Hannah Hoch
Louis Hock
David Hockney
Liam Hodges
Reggie Burrows Hodges
Howard Hodgkin
Frank Hodgkinson
Richard Hoeck
K.H. Hoedicke
Gerhard Hoehme
Bernhard Hoeke
Michael Hoenig
Andreas Hofer
Armin Hoffman
Josef Hoffmann
Leni Hoffmann
Rudolf Hoflehner
Armin Hofmann
Hans Hofmann
Edgar Hofschen
William Hogarth
Geoff Hogg
Hermann Hohaus
Julia Hohenwarter
Reinhold Hohl
Ull Hohn
Julian Holcroft
Will Holder
Allen Holdsworth
Yngve Holen
Steven Holl
Brad Holland
Dave Holland
Harry Holland
House of Holland
Stephen Holland
Madeline Hollander
Hans Hollein
Misha Hollenbach
Albert Hollenstein
Lonnie Holley
Heinz Holliger
Richard Hollis
Bush Hollyhead
Peter Holm
Olle Holmberg
Matt Holmes
Reg Holmes
Karl Holmqvist
John Holmstrom
Nancy Holt
Richard Holt
Emmanuel Holterbach
Willem (Bernard Willem Holtrop)
Harry Holtzman
Oskar Holweck
Jenny Holzer
Lisa Holzer
Final Home
David Homewood
Takashi Homma
Dior Homme
Margaret Honda
Gottfried Honegger
Martin Honert
Don Honeyman
Koro Honjo
Klaus Honnef
Gabrielle Honnef-Harling
Barbara Honywood
Bob Hook
Gordon Hookey
Bell Hooks
Use No Hooks
Claire Hooper
Tobe Hooper
Frank Hoover
Nan Hoover
Laurence Hope
Judith Hopf
Lambrecht Hopfer
Christopher Schueler & Matthew Hopkins
George D. Hopkins Jr.
John Hopkins
MP Hopkins
Matthew Hopkins
Matthew P Hopkins
Michael Hopkins
Peter Hopkins
Sarah Hopkins
Paul Hopmeier
Dennis Hopper
Edward Hopper
Hugh Hopper
Stephen Horenstein
Masao Horino
Masakazu Horiuchi
Seiichi Horiuchi
Daniel Horn
Paul Horn
Rebecca Horn
Roni Horn
Amanda Horowitz
Channa Horowitz
Craigie Horsfield
Horst P. Horst
Kathleen Horton
Frank Horvat
David Horvitz
Robert Horvitz
Channa Horwitz
Marian Hosking
Eikoh Hosoe
Isao Hosoe
Haruomi Hosono
Gan Hosoya
Ralph Hotere
Roland Hotz
Georgiana Houghton
Pierre Houles
Thomas Houseago
Dom Sylvester Houédard
Annikki Hovisaari
Caesar Florence Howard
Charles Howard
Ian Howard
Noah Howard
Steve Howe
Susan Howe
Adrian Howells
Emma Waltraud Howes
Anna Mary Howitt
George Hoy
John Hoyland
Adris Hoyos
Leszek Hołdanowicz
Carsten Höller
Ingrid Hsalmarson
Tehching Hsieh
Ti Shan Hsu
Tishan Hsu
Katherine Huang
Alex Hubbard
Lou Hubbard
Max Huber
Faith and John Hubley
Ina Barra Klaus Hubner
Jean Olivier Hucleux
Douglas Huebler
Georges Huel
Lutz Huelle
Richard Huelsenbeck
Alfonso Hueppi
Harold Hughan
Des Hughes
Holly Hughes
Maurie Hughes
Marnie Hughes-Warrington
Georges Hugnet
Pieter Hugo
Valentine Hugo
Victor Hugo
Marine Hugonnier
Francoise Huguier
Danièle Huillet
Peter Hujar
Henriette Huldisch
Johan Huldt
Richard Hull
Sofia Hultén
Jacqueline Humbert
Marguerite Humeau
Ralph Humphrey
Tom Humphreys
Barry Humphries
Jacqueline Humphries
Fritz Hundertwasser
Ian Hundley
Marc Hundley
Ashley Hunt
Myron C. Hunt
Richard Hunt
Philip Hunter
Robert Hunter
Sara Knox Hunter
Robert Huot
Isabelle Huppert
Roger Coggio and Elisabeth Huppert
John Hurford
Josef Hurka
Richard Hurley
George Hurrell
Jeanelle Hurst
Nadira Husain
Benjamin Alexander Huseby
Nancy Huston
Vilmos Huszár
Peter Hutchinson
Eliza Hutchison
Noel Hutchison
Sergio J. Hutter
Juliana Huxtable
Michael Huygen
Pierre Huyghe
Peter Hvidt
Suzuki Hyosaku III
Hector Hyppolite
Miroslav Hák
Ágnes Háy
Thomas Häfner
Erich Hänzi
Claude Häusermann
Pascal Häusermann
Dominique Hé
Jean Hélion
Jacques Hérold
Hannah Höch
Antonius Höckelmann
Candida Höfer
Carsten Höller
Adolf Hölzel


Dorothy Iannone
Paolo Icaro
Arinori Ichihara
Tetsuya Ichimura
Yoshi Ichimura
Toshi Ichiyanagi
Kenji Ide
General Idea
Poison Idea
Kho Liang Ie
Takenobu Igarashi
David Ignatow
Lucas Ihlein
Maria Ihnatowicz
Yoshikuni Iida
Takahiko Iimura
Kiyoshi Ikebe
Masuo Ikeda
Tasuo Ikeda
Tatsuo Ikeda
Kiyoshi Ikejiri
Senei Ikenobo
Hogara Iketani
Kazuo Imai
Norio Imai
Toshimitsu Imai
Tsutomu Imazaki
Anne Imhof
Jorg Immendarff
Jörg Immendorff
Norihito Inaba
Takamasa Inamura
Gary Indiana
Robert Indiana
Flux of Pink Indians
Hisashi Indo
Heavy Industries
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
Francisco A. Infanté
Simon Ingram
Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres
Bukichi Inoue
Tsuguya Inoue
Will Insley
Das Institut
Casco Art Institute
Korin Gamadji Institute
Organization for Returning Fashion Interest
Knoll International
Situationist International
The Center for Land Use Interpretation
Fabrics Interseason
Gema Intxausti
Mothers of Invention
Kristina Inčiūraitė
Enio Iommi
Eva Ionesco
Irina Ionesco
Nulla Iperreale
David Ireland
Patrick Ireland
Julian Irlinger
Karl Irmler
Greg Irons
James Irvine
Denys Irving
Robert Irwin
Robery Irwin
Ken Isaacs
Eugene Isabey
Yoshitaro Isaka
Rolf Iseli
Raafat Ishak
Mark Isham
Tetsuya Ishida
Takashi Ishii
Takeshi Ishikawa
Yoji Ishikawa
Fujiwo Ishimoto
Yasuhiro Ishimoto
Eiko Ishioka
Osamu Ishiyama
Vera Isler-Leiner
Yukihisa Isobe
Maija Isola
Isidore Isou
Arata Isozaki
Shin Isozaki
Alex Israel
Iman Issa
Government Issue
Josef Istler
B&B Italia
C & B Italia
Toyo Ito
Johannes Itten
Graciela Iturbide
Keiji Itō
Anatoly Ivanov
Sanja Iveković
Charles Ives
Norman Ives
Giorgio Host Ivessich
Takeji Iwamiya
Hiromi Iwasaki
Tetsuo Iwashima
Taka Izumi


Alfredo Jaar
David Jablonowski
Elżbieta Jabłońska
Emily Jacir
Kenneth Jack
Tim Jackiw
David Jackman
Robert Jacks
Clint Jackson III
Dakota Jackson
Elizabeth Browning Jackson
Gary Jackson
Lisa F. Jackson
Mark Jackson
Peter Jackson
Zoe Jackson
Harro Jacob
Lewis Jacob
Luis Jacob
Max Jacob
Aldo Jacober
Ritzi Jacobi
Ken Jacobs
Susan Jacobs
Arne Jacobsen
Henrik Plenge Jacobsen
Robert Jacobsen
Hugh Newell Jacobson
Helmut Jacoby
Roberto Jacoby
Andre Jacqmain
Alain Jacquet
Alan Jacquet
Ernst Yohji Jaeger
Renee Jaeger
Arthur Jafa
Norman Jaffe
Michael Nelson Jagamara
Mick Jagger
Helmut Jahn
Hans-Agne Jakobsson
Juraj Jakubisko
Michel Jakubowicz
Michel Jakubowski
Grete Jalk
Pnina Jalon
Khan Jamal
Mahmood Jamal
Charles James
Gareth James
Geoffrey James
Louis James
M. R. James
Cameron Jamie
Aaron Flint Jamison
Marcel Janco
Ernst Jandl
Larry Janiak
Françoise Janicot
Robert Janitz
Stephan Janitzky
Tamara Jankovic
Christian Jankowski
Pierre Janneret
Witold Janowski
Gilta Jansen
Max Jansons
Horst Janssen
Servie Janssen
Tove Jansson
Karolina Janulevičiūtė
Justė Janulytė
Half Japanese
Virginia Jaramillo
Tess Jaray
Richards Jarden
Monika Jarecka
Cor Jaring
Derek Jarman
Joseph Jarman
Jim Jarmusch
Jean Michel Jarre
Keith Jarrett
Alfred Jarry
James Jarvis
Nicolas Jasmin
Alexej Jawlensky
Cezary Jaworski
Stefan Jaworzyn
Virginia Jay
Marcel Jean
Christo & Jeanne-Claude
Pierre Jeanneret
Tom Jeffrey
Christoffel Jegher
Elfriede Jelinek
J.E. Jelles
Charles Jencks
Zoltan Jeney
Karl Jenkins
Leroy Jenkins
Mark Jenkins
Nick Jenkins
Neil Jenney
Humphrey Jennings
Alfred Jensen
Berit Jensen
Georg Jensen
Henning Jensen
Samuel Heatley and Jaala Jensen
Sergej Jensen
Søren Georg Jensen
Samuel Heatley and Jaala Jensen)
Olav Christopher Jenssen
David Jensz
Bob Jenyns
Lorraine Jenyns
Geumhyung Jeong
Travis Jeppesen
Natalie Jeremijenko
Renaud Jerez
Circle Jerks
Zeljko Jerman
Candy Jernigan
Carol Jerrems
Oscar Jespers
Experimental Jetset
Olga Jevrić
Norman Jewison
Enrique Jezik
Wendy & Jim
Luis Jimenez
Eva Jiricna
Akio Jissoji
Raimer Jochims
Jobim Jochimsen
Eisa Jocson
Tadeusz Jodlowski
Alejandro Jodorowsky
Rosa Johanna
Toril Johannessen
Sture Johannesson
Billie Maya Johansen
David Johansen
John M. Johansen
Chris Johanson
Patricia Johanson
Torsten Johansson
Jasper Johns
Claudette Johnson
Daniel LaRue Johnson
George Johnson
Helen Johnson
John Johnson
Larry Johnson
Mark Johnson
Michael Johnson
Philip Johnson
Rashid Johnson
Ray Johnson
Rindon Johnson
Terry Johnson
Tim Johnson
Vivien Johnson
Killing Joke
Cosmic Jokers
David Jolly
Vincas Jomantas
Joan Jonas
A. Quincy Jones
Allen Jones
Angus Jones
Caroline Jones
David Jones
Elvin Jones
Frank Jones
G.B. Jones
Grace Jones
Howard Jones
Jeff Jones
Jesse Jones
Joe Jones
Jonathan Jones
Kim Jones
Lyndal Jones
Marilyn Jones
Mathew Jones
Ronald Jones
Stephen Jones
Terry Jones
Tim Jones
William E. Jones
Hewald Jongenelis
Spike Jonze
Knud Joos
Paul Joostens
Col Jordan
Lawrence Jordan
Neil Jordan
Jasper Jordan-Lang
Col Jordon
Neil Jordon
Lamia Joreige
Asger Jorn
Hans Josephsohn
Daniel Jouanneau
Andrej N. Joukov
Catherine Jourdan
David Jourdan
Michel Journiac
Gyorgy Jovanovic
Jacek Jozwiak
Narelle Jubelin
Karl Josef Jucker
Anne Jud
Donald Judd
Finn Juhl
Orange Juice
Isaac Julian
Jamian Juliano-Villani
Isaac Julien
Rolf Julius
Sugie Jumpei
Death in June
Jimija Jungarrayi
Martha Jungwirth
Robert Juniper
Kumakura Junkichi
Tomasz Jura
Zdzislaw Jurkiewicz
Verlie Just
Bill Justice
Romano Juvera
Henrik Jørgensen
Birgit Jürgenssen


D & K
Victor K
Bruno K.
Tim Rollins & K.O.S.
Tim Rollins + K.O.S.
Tim Rollins + KOS
Ines Kaag
Henrik Olai Kaarstein
Ilya Kabakov
Doroty Kabiesz
Cyrus Kabiru
Eduardo Kac
John Kacere
Elisabeth Kadow
Sachin Kaeley
Mariko Kaga
Vladimir Kagan
Mauricio Kagel
Miura Kageo
E’wao Kagoshima
Milt Kahl
Frida Kahlo
Friedrich Kahn
Louis Kahn
Wyatt Kahn
Navine G. Kahn-Dossos
Hayv Kahraman
Wolf Kaiser
Kazumi Kakizaki
Horst-Egon Kalinowski
Ariel Kalma
Tibor Kalman
Jiří Kalousek
Layos Kalsas
Stephen Kaltenbach
Steve Kaltenbach
Michael Kaluta
Yusaku Kamekura
Vasilii Kamensky
Irena Kamieńska
Max G. Kaminski
Ilya Kamisnky
Katsuya Kamo
Theresa Kampmeier
Gerome Kamrowski
Nik Kamvissis
Mieko Kanai
Isamu Kanamori
Akira Kanayama
Hanaya Kanbei
Giya Kancheli
Vasilii Kandinsky
Wassily Kandinsky
Alan Kane
Art Kane
Julius Kane
Mitsuo Kano
Tenmei Kano
Noriaki Kanoh
Howard Kanovitz
Sanya Kantarovsky
Tadeusz Kantor
Howard Kantovitz
Stefan Kantscheff
Amar Kanwar
Nora Kapfer
Thomas Kapielski
Jacques Kaplan
Jo Ann Kaplan
Anish Kapoor
Torben Kapper
Valérie Kaprisky
Alan Kaprow
Allan Kaprow
Geeta Kapur
Barbara Kapusta
Jūrō Kara
Gülsün Karamustafa
Anna Karina
Marie Karlberg
Eugene Karlin
Arne Karlsen
Edith Karlson
Ariel Karma
Peter Karpf
Youssuf Karsh
Akira Kasai
Kase 2
Tobias Kaspar
Lajos Kassak
Jacob Kassay
Peter Kastakis
Barbara Kasten
Jørgen Kastholm
Katsuya Kasui
Nagisa Katahira
Kazuo Katase
William Katavolos
Ken Katayama
Tetsuo Katayama
Toshihiro Katayama
Nina Katchadourian
Naoyuki Kato
Hiromasa Katoh
Mitsuo Katsui
Masaru Katsumi
Yoshida Katsurō
Yuki Katsyra
Alex Katz
Allison Katz
Barbara Katz
Masaru Katzumie
E Mcknight Kauffer
Craig Kauffman
Gordon B. Kaufmann
Allan Kausch
Minoru Kawabata
Tatsuo Kawaguchi
Motomi Kawakami
Rei Kawakubo
Tadashi Kawamata
Nobuhiro Kawanaka
On Kawara
Kametaro Kawasaki
Barry Kay
Gen Kay
Roland Kayn
Rotimi Fani Kayode
Daniel Kazimierski
Yagi Kazuo
Valerie Keane
James Kearns
Ash Keating
Diane Keaton
Patrick Keaveney
George Fred Keck
Vernon Ah Kee
Marcus Keef
Jacinta Keefe
Angie Keefer
Matt Keegan
Tony Keeler
Morag Keil
Patrick Keiller
Ed Keinholz
Edward Keinholz
Carmen-Sibha Keiso
Carola Keitel
Kitajima Keizo
Karoly Kelemen
Christoph Keller
Daniel Keller
Douglas Kelley
Ellsworth Kelley
Margaret Kelley
Mike Kelley
Charles Kellogg
Ben Kelly
Ellsworth Kelly
Lisa Kelly
Mary Kelly
Annette Kelm
John Kelsey
Queenie Kemarre
Roger Kemp
Niek Kemps
Zoltan Kemény
Isamu Kenmochi
Kazuo Kenmochi
Garry Neill Kennedy
Michael Kennedy
Peter Kennedy
Susanne Kennedy
Dead Kennedys
Michael Kenney
Dean Kenning
Brian Kennon
Devin Kenny
Sister Corita Kent
William Kentridge
Ochi Kenzo
Gyorgy Kepes
Michal Kern
Richard Kern
Rita Kernn-Larsen
Andrew Kerr
André Kertész
Alan Kessler
Jon Kessler
William Kessler
Inge Ketelers
Sacha Ketoff
Joan Key
Anna Khachiyan
Bhupen Khakhar
Mahmoud Khaled
Bouchra Khalili
Akram Khan
Ali Akbar Khan
Hassan Khan
Quasar Khanh
Rachel Khedoori
Sadri Khiari
Fernand Khnopff
Nadia Khodossievitch-Léger
Ian Kiaer
Amirtha Kidambi
Madeline Kidd
Masato Takasaka and Madeline Kidd
Josey Kidd-Crowe
Jerry's Kids
Anselm Kiefer
Kinga Kielczynska
Jessie Kiely
Edward Kienholz
Nancy Reddin Kienholz
Rod Kierkegaard Jr.
Gunther Kieser
Frederick Kiesler
Friedrich Kiesler
Michel Kikoine
Takeo Kikuchi
Kiyonori Kikutake
Margaret Kilgallen
Karen Kilimnik
Marina Killery
Stephen Killick
Edward A. Killingsworth
Ash Kilmartin
Christine Sun Kim
Na Kim
Lucy Kimbell
Nakamura Kimpei
Ben Kimura
Ihei Kimura
Tsunehisa Kimura
Yuki Kimura
Inge King
Jan King
Luisa King
Phillip King
Stephen King
Susan Te Kahurangi King
Bodys Isek Kingelez
Andrew Kinghorn
Jonah Kinigstein
Robert Kinmont
Jay Kinney
Yoshiaki Kinno
Suchan Kinoshita
Midori Kinouchi
Robin Kinross
Nastassja Kinski
Nancy Kintisch
Bodys Isek Kin­gelez
Lyman Kipp
Martin Kippenberger
Chantal Kirby
Michael Kirby
Edwin Ludwig Kirchner
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Paul Kirchner
Per Kirkeby
Joel Kirkham
Tony Kirkman
Dimitri Kirsanov
Anja Kirschner
Lincoln Kirstein
Gloria Kisch
Rio Kishida
Eley Kishimoto
Yuki Kishino
Max Kisman
Toshiyuki Kita
Fumika Kitahara
Susumu Kitahara
R. B. Kitaj
R.B. Kitaj
Keizo Kitajima
Nobuhiko Kitamura
Rosanjin Kitaoji
Setsuo Kitaoka
Tatsuya Kitayama
Michael Kitching
Lemon Kittens
Stephanie Kiwitt
Roy Kiyooka
Sam Kiyoumarsi
Kato Kiyoyuki
Poul Kjærholm
Konrad Klapheck
Siegfried Klapper
Jürgen Klauke
Irving Klaw
Knut Klaßen
John Kleckner
Paul Klee
Ron Kleeman
Jouke Kleerebezem
Karl Kleimann
Astrid Klein
Calvin Klein
Edwin Klein
Emil Michel Klein
Jochen Klein
Steven Klein
William Klein
Yves Klein
Van Onck/Von Klier
Gustav Klimt
Franz Kline
Josh Kline
Harald Klingelhöller
Inger Klingenberg
Max Klinger
Hilma af Klint
Kaare Jensen Klint
Kaare Klint
Robert Klippel
Ivan Kliun
Iwan Kljun
Inez Klok
Annalies Klophaus
Pierre Klossowski
Doris Kloster
James Klosty
Lenz Klotz
Gustav Klucis
Gustaw Klucis
Ubald Klug
Senkin Klutisis
Michael Kmit
Alexander Knaifel
Peter Knapp
Silke Otto Knapp
Heinz Peter Knes
Emily Kngwarreye
Lucky Kngwarreye
Julije Knifer
Cheri Knight
John Knight
Nick Knight
Paul Knight
Gusti Knight-Stinnes
Lucas Knipscher
Milan Knizak
Imi Knoebel
W. Knoebel
Florence Knoll
Karen Knorr
Alison Knowles
Ken Knowlton
John Ward Knox
Greta Knutson
Milan Knížák
Kentaro Kobayashi
Masakazu Kobayashi
Tomomi Kobayashi
Tomislav Kobija
Jan Koblasa
Jikken Kobo
Katarzyna Kobro
Heinrich Koch
Ludwig Karl Koch
Mogens Koch
Rudolf Koch
Stephen Koch
Benita Koch-Otte
Kurt Kocherscheidt
Sebestyén Kodolányi
Herlinde Koelbl
Addi Koepcke
Joachim Koester
Jutta Koether
Hans Koetsier
Kiki Kogelnik
Peter Kogler
Olivia Koh
Terence Koh
Christof Kohlhofer
Ingrid Kohlhöfer
Eddy Kohli
Martin Kohout
Kiyoshi Koishi
Takashi Koizumi
Nobuaki Kojima
Zenzaburo Kojima
Wjm Kok
Vladimir Kokolia
Marc Kokopeli
Sophia Kokosalaki
Oskar Kokoschka
Lawrence Compton Kolawole
Otto Kolb
Georg Kolbe
Silvia Kolbowski
Jakob Kolding
Július Koller
Hans Kollhoff
Käthe Kollwitz
Fredrik Kolstø
Běla Kolářová
Stanislav Kolíbal
Tetsuro Komai
Gentaro Komaki
Mirko Komosar
Tomasz Konart
Petr Konchalovsky
Yasuo Kondo
Aglaia Konrad
Janko Konstantinov
Georgi Konstantinovski
Raili Konttinen
Božena Končić
Rem Koolhaas
Jeff Koons
Slavko Kopač
Henning Koppel
Karl Korab
Seiji Korai
Rachid Koraïchi
Marinka Kordis
Toivo Korhonen
Harmony Korine
Harriet Korman
Beryl Korot
Huub Kortekaas
Paul Kos
Susumu Koshimizu
Onchi Koshiro
Nik Kosmas
Les Kossatz
Leon Kossoff
Zuzana Kostelanská
Geert Koster
Takehisa Kosugi
Joseph Kosuth
Nobutaka Kotake
Yoshinosuke Kotani
Jan Kotarbinski
Stan Ostoja Kotkowski
Josef Koudelka
Jannis Kounellis
Léo Kouper
Tom Kovachevich
Jiri Kovanda
Jiří Kovanda
Mijo Kovačić
Attila Kovács
Grzegorz Kowalski
Piotr Kowalski
Paweł Kowzan
Maria Kozic
Joyce Kozloff
Christine Kozlov
Barbara Kozlowska
Edward C. Kozlowski
Jarosław Kozłowski
Ivan Kožarić
Tadashi Krahashi
Nico Kraij
Andrzej Krajewski
Niko Kralj
Friso Kramer
Hans Kramer
Harry Kramer
Piet Kramer
Marcelo Krasilcic
Edward Krasiński
Lee Krasner
Thomas Kratz
Chris Kraus
Kitty Kraus
Dagmar Krause
Rainer Krause
Red Krayola
Michael Krebber
Rockne Krebs
Derek Kreckler
Dries Kreijkamp
Anton Krejcar
Marta Kremer
Marc Kremers
Kurt Kren
Norbert Kricke
Sabine Kricke-Güse
Susanne Kriemann
Richard Kriesche
Les Krims
Sylvia Kristel
Uno and Östen Kristiansson
Anatolij Krivcikov
Ferdinand Kriwet
Barbara Kruger
Ella Kruglyanskaya
Germaine Kruip
Mariusz Kruk
Reiko Kruk
Vinca Kruk
Damon Krukowski
Ignas Krunglevičius
Nicholas Krushenick
Armin Krämer
Tonio Kröner
Eva Kubbos
Peter Kubelka
Joe Kubert
Alfred Kubin
Christina Kubisch
Shigeko Kubota
Stanley Kubrick
Erich Kuby
George Kuchar
Mike Kuchar
Eglė Kuckaitė
Tetsumi Kudo
Iwan Kudriaschow
Ivan Kudriashev
Gary B. Kuehn
Gary Kuehn
Beate Kuhn
Rodolfo Kuhn
Walter Kuhn
Johannes Kuhnen
Fritz Kuhr
Gerard Kuijpers
Guillermo Kuitca
Eiko Kujo
Yrjo Kukkapuro
Zofia Kulik
Andreja Kulunčić
Kengo Kuma
Lei Lei Kung
Julia Kunin
Mitsuhashi Kunitami
Thierry Kuntzel
Emma Kunz
Michael Kunze
Jack Kuper
František Kupka
Eugene Kupper
Tadashi Kurahashi
Shiro Kuramata
Agnieszka Kurant
Taku Aramasa Seiji Kurata
Juan Kurchan
Erkki Kurenniemi
Gabriel Kuri
Yoji Kuri
Kazumi Kurigami
Kaoru Kurimoto
Mervyn Kurlansky
Kisho Kurokawa
Kyoichi Kurokawa
Masayuki Kurokawa
Akira Kurosawa
Takashi Kurosawa
Justine Kurtland
Adam Kurtzman
Harvey Kurtzman
György Kurtág
Sachiko Kuru
Yayoi Kusama
Donald Kuspit
Romuald Kutera
Gredinger + Kutter)
Manfred Kuttner
Peter Kuttner
Tadaaki Kuwayama
Kim Tchoun Kwang
Paweł Kwiek
Przemyslaw Kwiek
KwieKulik (Zofia Kulik / Przemyslaw Kwiek)
Kyubei Kyomizu
Ei Kyu
Szigmond Károlyi
Rosita Kær
Edelbert Köb
Marie Kölbaek-Iversen
Erinna König
Nina Könnemann
Arthur Køpcke
Sarah Kürten


Nicola L
Pierre L'Amare
William Pope L.
Natalia LL
Joan La Barbara
Ugo La Pietra
Ketty La Rocca
Octavius La Rosa
Georgia Hubley and Ira Kaplan (Yo La Tengo)
Barry La Va
Bruce LaBruce
Kia Labeija
Felix Labisse
Survival Research Laboratories
Teatr Laboratorium
Leslie Labowitz
Anne Lacaton
Cyril Lachauer
Philipp Lachenmann
Andrzej Lachowicz
Jacques Lacomblez
Dominique Lacoustille
Boris Lacroix
Christian Lacroix
Steve Lacy
Suzanne Lacy
Nick Laessing
Suzanne Lafont
Karl Lagerfeld
Valérie Lagrange
Jean-François Laguionie
Firenze Lai
Maria Lai
Spencer Lai
Wollgang Laib
Rosemary Laing
László Lakner
Claude Lalanne
Claude and Francoise-Xavier Lalanne
Francois-Xavier Lalanne
René Laloux
Yves Laloy
Gwenessa Lam
Wifredo Lam
Wilfredo Lam
Jacqueline Lamba
Claire Lambe
Bronté Lambert
Lou Lambert
Ron Lambert
Nicoletta Lambertucci
James Lambeth
Jim Lambie
David Lamelas
Peter Lamont
Colin Lanceley
Owen Land
Sigalit Landau
Sean Landers
Heinz Landes
Liliana Landi
George Landlow
George Landow
John Landry
Erika Landström
Lucina Lane
Christian Lang
Fritz Lang
Helmut Lang
Lothar Lang
Moshekwa Langa
Matthew Langan-Peck
James Langdon
Art Lange
Dorothea Lange
Gerd Lange
Jessica Lange
Robert Langenegger
Suki Langereis
Jean Langley
Christopher Langton
Art & Language
Visible Language
Lina Lapelytė
Martinez Lapeña
Charles Lapicque
Lisa Lapinski
Martin Laporte
Ilmari Lappalainen
Adriana Lara
Berto Lardera
Karl Largerfeld
Oliver Laric
Mikhail Larionov
Michail Larionow
Liz Larner
Guy Laroche
François Laroche-Valière
José Ramón Larraz
Helge Larsen
Lisa Larson
William Larson
Bo Christian Larsson
Karl Larsson
Richard Larter
Henri Lartigue
Jacques Henri Lartigue
David Larwill
Shelley Lasica
Jonathan Lasker
Teddy Lasry
Maria Lassnig
Elad Lassry
Andrew Last
Clifford Last
Paul Laszlo
John Latham
Eckhaus Latta
Zoe Latta
Luciano Lattanzi
Brandon Lattu
Alberto Lattuada
Wolfgang Laubersheimer
Malcolm Lauder
Alicia Bay Laurel
Marie Laurencin
Henri Laurens
Yves Saint Laurent
John Lautner
Erwine Laverne
Estelle and Erwine Laverne
Janette Laverrière
Erik Lavesson
Feruccio Laviani
Bertrand Lavier
Tristan Lavoyer
Bob Law
Carol Law
Standish Dyer Lawder
Louise Lawler
Adrian Lawlor
Colin Lawson
Pupiya Louisa Napaljarri Lawson
Alwin Lay
Carol Lay
Donald Laycock
N. Laymond
Carolyn Lazard
Jane Lazarre
Jesus Mari Lazkano
An-My Le
Jean LeGac
Ursula K. LeGuin
Sol LeWitt
Vivienne Shark LeWitt
Juliet Lea
Andrew Leach
Bernard Leach
Alun Leach-Jones
Amanda Lear
Timothy Leary
Marcus Leatherdale
William Leavitt
Jean-Jacques Lebel
Jan Lebenstein
Walter Leblanc
Elisabeth Lebovici
Olivier Lebrun
Rico Lebrun
Rouli Lecatsa
Iury Lech
Mark Leckey
Albert Leclerc
Leigh Ledare
Alexander Lee
Brendan Lee
Charles S. Lee
Ichikawa Lee
Jason Matthew Lee
Kit Lee
Lindy Lee
Margaret Lee
Mire Lee
Nikki S. Lee
Okkyung Lee
Paul Lee
Tim Lee
Saskia Leek
Derwent Lees
Lynn Hershman Leeson
Fernand Leger
Sheila Legge
Robert Legorreta
Michael Legrand
Jano (Jean Leguay)
Pierre Leguillon
Mathieu Lehanneur
Andrew Lehman
Ulrich Lehmann
Wilhelm Lehmbruck
Annie Leibovitz
Cary S. Leibowitz
Sofia Leiby
Cheyco Leidmann
Geoff Leigh
Mike Leigh
Simone Leigh
K. Leimer
Sonia Leimer
Matt Leines
Manuela Leinhoß
Jac Leirner
Jack Leirner
Anita Leisz
Saul Leiter
Lawrence Lek
Barbara Lekberg
Angelo Lelli
Etron Fou Leloublan
Christophe Lemaire
Annette Lemieux
Jochen Lempert
Fabio Lenci
James RosenquisThomas Lenck
Nigel Lendon
Jan Lenica
Kaspar-Thomas Lenk
Thomas Lenk
John Lennon
Daniel Lentz
Wolfgang Lenz
Umberto Lenzi
David Leonard
Zoe Leonard
Cesare Leonardi
Leonardo Leoncillo
Dante Leonelli
Guido Leoni
Paolo Leoni
Georg Leowald
Jean-Marc Lepechoux
André Lepecki
Richard Lerman
Ralph Lerner
Eugène Leroy
Veronique Leroy
Augustin Lesage
Francoise Lesage
William Lescaze
Ziona Lesham
Alfred Leslie
Till Lesser
Gabriel Lester
John Lethbridge
Wolfgang Lettl
Olaf Leu
Ghislaine Leung
Herbert Leupin
Leo Leuppi
Paul Levack
Matvey Levenstein
Ken Leveson
Sandra Leveson
Louise Landes Levi
Rino Levi
Gino Levi-Montalcini
Sam Levin
David Levine
Jack Levine
Les Levine
Marilyn Levine
Sherrie Levine
Sherry Levine
Joel Levinson
Helen Levitt
Col Levy
Ola Kozioł/Suavas Levy
Christopher Y. Lew
Jeffrey Lew
Marysia Lewandowska
Via Lewandowsky
Darani Lewers
G. F. Lewers
Helge Larsen & Darani Lewers
Margo Lewers
Ann Lewis
George Lewis
Herschell Gordon Lewis
Hershel Gordon Lewis
Isabel Lewis
Jeannie Lewis
Laurie Lewis
Percy Wyndham Lewis
Susan Lewis
Wyndham Lewis
Kay Evelina Lewis-Jones
Sam Lewitt
Sol Lewitt
Judith Leyster
Stanislav Libensky
Aglaé Liberaki
Tanino (Gaetano) Liberatore
Tanino Liberatore
Alexander Liberman
Alan Licht
Philippe Decrauzat & Alan Licht
Roy Lichtenstein
Osvaldo Licini
Zuzana Licko
Alan Liddle
Klara Lidén
Justin Lieberman
Rhonda Lieberman
Amrita Hepi & Samuel Lieblich
Dave Liebman
Amy Lien
Valentina Liernur
David Lieske
Gerechtigkeits Liga
Gyorgy Ligeti
György Ligeti
Angels of Light
Michael Light
Glenn Ligon
Liliane Lijn
Alberto Lilloni
Kim Lim
Minouk Lim
Public Image Limited
Gustav Limpt
Tan Lin
Helmut Lincke
Maria Lind
Christina Lindberg
Mads Lindberg
Stig Lindberg
Peter Lindbergh
Matthew Linde
Ulf Linde
Kalin Lindena
Adam Linder
Richard Linder
Otto Lindig
Kay Lindjuwanga
Pia Lindman
Jean Lindner
Richard Lindner
Arto Lindsay
Vicke Lindstrand
Simon Ling
Armin Linke
Judy Linn
Leo Lionni
Lip Collective
Stepan Lipatov
Jacques Lipchitz
Ilya Lipkin
Ronald Lipking
Domenic Lippa
Lucy Lippard
Lucy R. Lippard
Werner Lippert
Beca Lipscombe
Seymour Lipton
Ann Lislegaard
Anne Lislegaard
El Lissitzky
Herbert List
Stout and Litchfield
Ross Littell
Colin Little
Stephen Little
Ma Liuming
Andrew Liversidge
Flying Lizards
The Flying Lizards
Carlo Lizzani
Hilary Lloyd
Lewis L Lloyd
Francesco Lo Savio
Jacques Lob
Benjamin Lobko
Maria Loboda
Grace Lock
Sharon Lockhart
Galactic Locksmith
Annea Lockwood
Didier Lockwood
Jason Loebs
Uwe Loesch
Heinz Loew
Raymond Loewy
Victor and Silvio Loffredo
Anke Loh
Bernd Lohaus
Hartmut Lohmeyer
Reny Lohner
Bernd Lohse
Richard Paul Lohse
George Lois
Stephen Lojewski
Yve Lomax
Paolo Lomazzi
Mark Lombardi
Richard Loncraine
Andrew Long
Joan Long
M.J. Long
Richard Long
Stanley Long
Andrea Longacre-White
Raymond Longford
Robert Longo
Tiziano Longo
Alberto Longoni
Fred Lonidier
Adolf Loos
Georgij I. Lopakov
Andrew Lord
Catherine Lord
Jordan Lord
S.T. Lore
Sophia Loren
Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz
Renate Lorenz
Amadeo Luciano Lorenzato
Jean-Daniel Lorieux
Judy Lorraine
Joseph Losey
Eli Lotar
Dieter Lotsch
Hans-Christian Lotz
Sean Loughrey
Morris Louis
Claire Loussouarn
Roelof Louw
Wendell Lovett
Al Loving
Alvin Loving
Colin Low
Jackson Mac Low
Frank Lowe
Geoff Lowe
Ruby Lowe
Nate Lowman
Gillian Lowndes
Mina Loy
Lee Lozano
Carol Yinghua Lu
Herb Lubalin
Lea Lublin
Franz Luby
George Lucas
Noelene Lucas
Sarah Lucas
Michael Lucero
Glen Luchford
Alvin Lucier
Mary Lucier
Ennio Lucini
Shannon Cartier Lucy
Group Ludic
Konrad Lueg
Otto Luening
Baz Luhrmann
Attila Richard Lukacs
George Luke
Jonathan Luker
Lydia Lunch
Marie Lund
Patrick Lundberg
Duane Lundon
Oliver Lundquist
Vilhelm Lundstrøm
Georg Maria Lunenborg
Bridie Lunney
Ana Lupas
Markus Lupertz
Stephan Lupino
Nancy Lupo
Boris Lurie
Desley Luscombe
Liang Luscombe
Serge Lutens
James Lutes
Adolf Luther
Adelle Lutz
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy
Kyle Luu
Emanuelle Luzzati
Scott Lyall
John Lydon
Len Lye
Max Lyle
Bill Lynch
David Lynch
James Lynch
George Platt Lynes
Elwyn Lynn
Carey Lyon
Danny Lyon
Lisa Lyon
Jimmy Lyons
Sean-Kierre Lyons
Révész László László
Jean-Pierre Léaud
Fernand Léger
Miguel A. López
Eva Löfdahl
Heinrich Löffelhardt
Stig Lønngren
Camilla Løw
Maren Lübbke-Tidow
Markus Lüpertz
Ingeborg Lüscher
Sebastian Lütgert
Louis Lüthi
Roland Lüthi
Urs Lüthi


Lloyd MST
Maha Maamoun
Dora Maar
Wietske Maas
Willard Maas
Fleetwood Mac
Travis MacDonald
Sara MacKillop
Kyle MacLachlan
Robert MacPherson
Cynthia Macadams
Hennri Maccheroni
Henri Maccheroni
Jorge Macchi
Stewart Macciolli
Fiona Macdonald
Ernst Mach
Soft Machine
Dyke Action Machine!
Charles Rennie Macintosh
George Maciunas
Joe Maciunas
Eric N. Mack
Harold F. Mack
Heinz Mack
Jan Mackay
August Macke
Taree Mackenzie
John Mackinnon
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Alice Mackler
William M. Maclane
Robert Macpherson
Mary Macqueen
Goshka Macuga
Tala Madani
Beppe Madaulo
Anne Madden
Natasha Madden
Ruth Maddison
Bea Maddock
Rosemary Madigan
Emilia Sal Giorgio Madini
Giorgio Madini
Tobias Madison
Lone Haugaard Madsen
Loren Madsen
Jay Chung & Q Takeki Maeda
Q Takeki Maeda
Yukinori Maeda
Syoko Maemoto
Marcel Maeyer
Emmanuelle Mafille
Boris Magas
Patrick Magaud
Bepi Maggiori
Fresh Maggots
Center for Tactical Magic
Jill Magid
Ludovico Magistretti
Vico Magistretti
Alberto Magnelli
Tumi Magnusson
Despo Magoni
Liz Magor
Alessandro Magris
Roberto Magris
Fernand Léger René Magritte
Rene Magritte
René Magritte
Sarat Maharaj
Inge Mahn
Gleb Maiboroda
Leopoldo Maier
Aristide Maillol
Pepe Maina
Anna Maria Maiolino
Benoît Maire
Françoise Mairey
Hilarie Mais
Michel Majerus
Antje Majewski
Monica Majoli
Hans Makart
Dušan Makavejev
John Makepeace
Fumihiko Maki
Akio Makigawa
Miki Makimura
Aurelija Maknytė
Magical Power Mako
Christopher Makos
Gerard Malanga
David (Daymirringu) Malangi
Nalini Malani
Robert Malaval
Raimundas Malašauskas
wandering poet Maldon)
Leo Malet
Kasimir Malevich
Kazimir Malevich
Kazimr Malevich
Nino Malfatti
David Maljkovic
Robert Mallary
Louis Malle
Robert Mallet-Stevens
Sibylle Mallmann
Daniel Malone
Richard Malone
Martin Maloney
Sam Maloof
Mathieu Malouf
Kuehn Malvezzi
Joe Mama-Nitzberg
Kulu Hatha Mamma
Minimal Man
Victor Man
Milo Manara
Mike Mandel
Stéphane Mandelbaum
Mark Manders
Nikita Mandryka
Alfred Manessier
Édouard Manet
Jean Benjamin Maneval
Nicholas Mangan
Nick Mangan
Carlo Mangani
Angelo Mangiarotti
Roberto Mango
Guido Mangold
Robert Mangold
Babette Mangolte
Simone Mangos
Carl Mangus
Reva Manicavasagar
Gian Manik
Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Felix H. Mann
Manfred Mann
Sally Mann
Samla Mammas Manna
Sally Mannall
Ann Mannelli
Olli Mannermaa
Mary Manning
Ross Manning
Edgardo Mannucci
Lauren Manoogian
Abu Bakarr Mansaray
Janet Mansfield
Robert Manson
Paul Mansouroff
Tigran Mansurian
Pavel Mansurov
Andrea Mantegna
Werner Mantz
Manus Recording Project Collective
Piero Manzoni
Giacomo Manzù
Pio Manzù
Jean Manéval
Sarah Maple
Robert Mapplethorpe
Swell Maps
Marco Marabelli
Carlo Maratta
Chloe Maratta
Franz Marc
Conrad Marca-Relli
Sophie Marceau
Philippe Marcelé
Walter Marchetti
Gerhard Marcks
Christian Marclay
Ari Marcopoulos
Lucia Marcucci
Calvin Marcus
Marcia Marcus
Brice Marden
Helen Marden
Mario Mare
Dusan Marek
Mario Marenco
Franck Margerin
Frank Margerin
Antonio Margheriti
Maison Martin Margiela
Teresa Margolles
Dorit Margreiter
Enzo Mari
Iela Mari
Luc Marianni
F. T. Marinetti
F.T. Marinetti
Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
Marino Marini
Tom Marioni
Javier Mariscal
Janaia Marisolle
Marcel Mariën
Sies Marjan
Wasa Marjanov
Chris Marker
Dave Markey
Gregory Markopoulos
Graham Marks
Harrison Marks
Vasilis Marmatakis
Simon Marmion
Mario Marnoto
Esteban Maroto
Gino Marotta
Pedro Neves Marques
Megan Marrin
Linda Marrinon
Raùl Marroquin
Robert Marsden
Anne Marsh
Jenine Marsh
Jim Marshall
Kerry James Marshall
Vlado Martek
Helen Marten
Karel Martens
Renzo Martens
Fabian Marti
Agnes Martin
Brian Martin
Chris Martin
Daria Martin
Kenneth Martin
Kris Martin
Mandy Martin
Orion Martin
Simon Martin
Ivan Martinac
Bruno Martinazzi
Elio Martinelli
Franco Martinelli
Pow Martinez
Alberto Martini
Arturo Martini
Dalibor Martinis
Maria Martins
Dylan Martorell
Patty Martori
Sven Martson
Suehiro Maruo
Karl Marx
Livio Marzot
Toyoura Masaaki
Mori Masaki
Yoshimura Masanobu
Takayama Masataka
Studio Masatotectures
Justa Masbeck
Marcello Mascherini
Paolo Masi
Gigi Masin
Beth Maslen
Emily Mason
John Mason
Les Mason
Rachel Mason
Moving Mass
Aristide Massaccessi
Noti Massati
John Massey
Andre Masson
André Masson
Luigi Massoni
Umberto Mastroianni
Tadashi Masuda
Marc Matchak
Katja Mater
Group Material
Ogilvy and Mather
Justin Matherly
Dominique Mathieu
Georges Mathieu
Bruno Mathsson
Vittorio Matino
Henri Matisse
Mikhail Matiushin
Tina Matkovic
Quintessa Matranga
VNS Matrix
Brigitte Matschinsky-Denninghoff
Kenichi Matsinaga
Juzo Matsubara
Shigezo Matsubara
and Shigezo Matsubara
Mitsuhiro Matsuda
Michiko Matsumoto
Takaaki Matsumoto
Toshio Matsumoto
Katsuo Matsumura
Takesada Matsutani
Kunihiro Matsuyama
Yutaka Matsuzawa
Roberto Matta
Sebastian Matta
Gordon Matta-Clark
Rudolf Mattes
Wolfgang Mattheuer
Louisa Matthiasdottir
Holger Matthies
Christian Matthiessen
Bruno Matthson
Danny Matthys
Eliseo Mattiacci
Holger Matties
Georges Mattieu
Mary Mattingly
Jacques Matton
Michael Matuschka
Leonore Mau
Dóra Maurer
Ingo Maurer
Stanley and Laurie Maurer
Dorothée Maurer-Becker
Fabio Mauri
Adrian Mauriks
Nick Mauss
Almir Mavignier
John Mawurndjul
Peter Max
Shawn Maximo
Hadley + Maxwell
Kym Maxwell
Richard Maxwell
Anne-Marie May
Maggie May
Bernadette Mayer
Dale Worsley & Bernadette Mayer
Hansjörg Mayer
Katrin Mayer
Rosemarie Mayer
Rosemary Mayer
Ursula Mayer
Narritjin Maymuru
Régis Mayot
Albert Maysles and David Maysles
Toshiro Mayuzumi
Nasir Mazhar
Michael Mazur
Sergio Mazza
Donatella Mazzoleni
A. Mazzoni
Franco Tartaglino Mazzucchelli
Jackie McAllister
Park McArthur
Rita McBride
Will McBride
William McCaffery
Colin McCahon
Anthony McCall
Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley
Jennifer McCamley
Sean McCann
Claire McCardell
Paul McCarthy
Win McCarthy
Paul McCartney
Diana McCarty
Marlene McCarty
Malcolm McClain
Paul McCobb
Allan McCollum
John McConnell
J. T. McCord
Jon McCormack
John McCracken
Margaret McCurry
Craig McDean
Danny McDonald
Euan McDonald
Fiona McDonald
Josiah McElheny
Adam McEwen
Ian McFarlane
Barry McGee
Erica McGilchrist
Tony McGillick
Ryan McGinley
Jarrah de Kuijer and Simon McGlinn
Simon McGlinn
David McDermott and Peter McGough
McDermott & McGough
Ed McGowin
Carrie McGrath
Mark McGuire
Mike McInnerney
Mark McInturff
David McKay
Ian McKay
Cameron Allen McKean
Joe McKenna
Lucy McKenzie
Paul McKenzie
Rob McKenzie
Robyn McKenzie
Taree McKenzie
Angus McKie
Malcolm McLaren
Norman McLaren
John McLaughlin
Ryan McLaughlin
Bruce McLean
Neil McLean
Richard McLean
Rob McLeish
Alasdair McLellan
Andrew McLeod
Marie McMahon
Michael McMillen
James McMullen
Patrick McMullen
Andrew McNamara
Carol McNicoll
Joe McPhee
Robert McPherson
Andrew McQualter
Alexander McQueen
John McQueen
Steve McQueen
Josiah Mcelheny
Anne Mcguire
Lucy Mckenzie
Rob Mckenzie
Norman Mclaren
Bruce Mclean
Rob Mcleish
John Mcnamara
Rowan Mcnaught
George Mcneil
Dora Mcphee
Margaret Mead
Syd Mead
John Meade
Clement Meadmore
Kate Meakin
Philip Mechanicus
Josephine Meckseper
David Medalla
Mikuláš Medek
Osvaldo Medici
Isidoro Valcárcel Medina
Emila Medková
Pru Medlin
Konstantin Medunetsky
Sean Meehan
Guy Mees
Vincent Meessen
Birgit Megerle
Till Megerle
Christian Megert
Julie Mehretu
Ludwig Meidner
Richard Meier
Brigitte Meier-Denninghoff
Sandra Meigs
Inge Meijer
Rohn Meijer
Sean Meilak
Dirk Meinzer
Cildo Meireles
Cildo Campos Meirelles
Michaela Meise
Steven Meisel
Susan Meiselas
Ulrich Meister
Inka Meißner
Jonas Mekas
Komar & Melamid
Fernando Melani
Melbourne Research Group
James Melchert
Jim Melchert
Bjarne Melgaard
Adrian Melis
Antoon Melissen
Angela Melitopoulos
Michaela Melián
Ross Mellick
Franco Mello
Nathaniel Mellors
Fausto Melotti
Gianni Melotti
Harry Memmott
Steve Lambert and the Yes Men
The Yes Men
Ana Mendieta
Alessando Mendini
Alessandro Mendini
Lodovico Meneghetti
Misha Mengelberg
Roberto Menghi
John Menick
Marie Menken
Adolf Menzel
Louise Menzies
Anne Mercer
Glenn Mercutt
Thom Merrick
Barry Merritt
Piet Mertens
Gerhard Merz
Mario Merz
Marisa Merz
Edouard (E.L.T.) Mesens
Annette Messager
Francesco Messina
Sanne Mestrom
Pat Metheny
Nu Creative Methods
Olaf Metzel
Gustav Metzger
Kiri-Una Brito Meumann
Wesley Meuris
Pali Meursault
Adeena Mey
Eva Meyer
Hannes Meyer
James Meyer
Jürgen Meyer
Luzie Hanna Karolina Meyer
Luzie Meyer
Russ Meyer
Tom Meyer
William Meyer
Rapid Response (Christina Cobb/Peter Fend/Julia Fischer/William Meyer)
Otto Meyer-Amden
Eva Meyers
Russ Meyers
Todd Meyers